Sunday, April 09, 2006

trump ice - so smooooove.

so i haven't blogged in almost two weeks. i've been busy, and sometimes i just . . . hmmm . . . don't care about blog. sorry blog. sometimes i quite enjoy posting the bullshit i am forwarded and find online, and every now and then i like typing out a good rant, and i pretend that i am a critic of sorts by writing show reviews, and i regale my friends (and strangers, and possibly enemies) with randomness and things that amuse me, and i ought to receive some sort of ad revenue from the washington post and the new york times for all of the times i link to them; regardless, sometimes it's nice to not bother.

i had to go to atlantic city on thursday for work; i found this out at 4:00 pm on wednesday. i got an actually sort-of-affordable ticket to philly considering it was a mere 20 hours prior to leaving, and i had to hire a car service to drive me down to atlantic city (to fly direct would have been $1,300). i take true perverse pleasure and satisfaction in walking up to a man in a suit holding my last name on a sign in the baggage claim and being like "hi, that's me" - especially when i'm wearing jeans, skull shoes, and a nose piercing. i also don't happen to think i look 29, and i certainly don't look like i have the kind of job that requires an hour-long chauffered ride to the trump taj mahal hotel in a tinted-windowed lincoln towncar, and arranging to be picked up the next afternoon to go back to the airport. ha. i think my dad - who has a blue-collar job and is currently working a job that has him on 12-hour days, 7 days a week, for a solid month - would take real pride in the fact that not only do i get to have these ridiculous Professional Lady experiences, but that i find real joy in not presuming that i should act like a soulless corporate Professional Lady.

i was in atlantic city for 24 hours, two of which i actually spent working. the rest of the time was spent in my retarded leaopard-print hotel room, eating at a cuban restaurant with my buddy mc, who was in town for the same conference, and sitting with mc at a local dive for a solid 4 hours, drinking with the locals. atlantic city is what happens when you build garish gigantic casino/hotels in the middle of the ghetto, and surround them with outlet malls and a cheesy boardwalk. it, in a word, sucks. and check out the donald trump water i bought at the "trump times" newsstand in the hotel. narcissist needs to get over himself.

tomorrow i go to des moines until tuesday morning, i'm back at work and go to passover dinner at eb's on wednesday (for a catholic girl, i make a good kugel), and then go to atlanta thursday until saturday. then it's up to wisconsin for easter until monday night. so this is all of the blogging you're going to get - and this isn't even interesting.

fb emailed me, after i announced my Year of Something Different, that he gave this project two weeks, and so far i'm still stickin to my word. i hereby declare that last week was No Blog week, which wasn't all that hard, and this week was going to be No News week - since i am a media junkie, i read the wapo, the nyt, and tons of websites and blogs everyday, plus the week and the new yorker every week, and i subscribe to like five other magazines, and i am known to have cnn on as background noise - but since i am travelling, that just seemed cruel, although it would be interesting to see how far behind i would fall if i avoided all headlines, articles, and newscasts for a week. so since i did yoga yesterday and walked for an hour tonight, maybe i will make this Exercise Week, something that i am so terrible at, especially since it's been fucking freezing and/or insanely windy all winter. i've been packing on the pounds, though - ag made a joke that she was seemingly "bulking up for summer," which i can relate to, unfortunately - and i looooooove walking and doing yoga, so there is no reason why i can't ensure that i do something every day for a week. maybe i'll even attempt to jog. and promptly cough out one of my smoker's lungs.

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