Tuesday, May 23, 2006

he failed to mention that the twin bed comes with arm restraints.

i'm fairly certain that i found the apartment i will be moving into on july 1. it's two blocks east of wrigley field and two blocks west of boystown, and the apartment is big and awesome and the lady that showed it to me was batshit insane (i would guess to be pushing 80, in a wig, pajamas and slippers) but i left her an application and a security deposit, so i think it's mine. have to call the management company to make sure that carol (ancient crazy lady) was able to communicate to them that i want it july 1 (even though it's vacant now), it needs to be cleaned, and i don't want it to be repainted (the previous tenant did an awesome job - every room is a different color, and the dining room has rad stripes all over one wall).

the main reason why i am leaving the apartment i have had for the past two years is that, despite its very convenient location in a "sought-after" (by assholes) neighborhood, and my share of the rent being a measly $625 a month, I NEED TO BE ALONE. i am so over roommates. i don't want to live with anyone that i'm not in a relationship with ever again. my current roommate is a goddamn disaster. i don't want to get into specifics, but i am so over being around her. she did manage to make one good joke the entire time i have lived with her; she forwarded me this link with the message "found a great apartment for you!"


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