Tuesday, May 23, 2006

i am scientifically the weirdest-looking person ever

check this website out - myheritage.com has "face recognition" software that tells you what celebrities you most resemble. i have heard for the past 15 years that i look a bit like drew barrymore (this is coming from friends, relatives, and strangers, and it's all in the chin and cheeks, plus we both sorta lisp, though i choose to think that hers is more pronounced), and a few people have mentioned kate winslet. this is very nice. most people agree that these are attractive women. so i uploaded the (horrible) portrait that was taken recently at work for the new staff directory (i ended up telling them to just recycle last year's photo, even though my hair is at least six inches longer now). astonished by what the software claimed, i uploaded another one. and then a third, and then a fourth.

i have determined that this software sucks.

among my four uploaded photos, here are the celebrities i most resemble, with the percentages of features that we share.

reese witherspoon 76%
joan baez 74%
brendan frasier 72%
kate hudson 72%
gary cooper 71%
anna kournikova 71%
jason biggs 70%
kate winslet 68%
patsy kensit 68%
liv tyler 67%
walt disney 67%
oprah winfrey 66%
uday hussein 64% (he's a celebrity?)
rachael leigh cook 62%
drew barrymore 60%
condi rice 59%

thanks for the complex, myheritage. walt fucking disney?!?!?!!?

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