Tuesday, May 23, 2006

i should volunteer at the Zoolander Center for Kids Who Can't Read Good

i'm not entirely sure what the point of having a blog is if you never have time to post to it, but i also don't see the point in forcing yourself. we'll just put it this way: i did three cities in one week (denver, chicago and philly), attended three graduations in eight days (little sister db's bachelors in communications from uc-denver - holla!, ag's mfa in creative writing from the art institute of chicago, and eb's msw from loyola in chicago), read a slew of books for Book Week (i used to be quite the reader, but have become a media junkie (magazines, online newspapers and blogs) and have let novels and such fall by the wayside. i have recently read:

magical thinking by augusten burroughs (highly entertaining vignettes in the vein of david sedaris, though slightly more sinister)

the tattooed girl by joyce carol oates (she remains way creepier than all pulp fiction horror novelists, mainly because her writing is lyrical and smart and she freaks me out with how evil her characters can be and how matter-of-factly she writes from their perspectives)

never a city so real: a walk in chicago by alex kotlowitz (non-fiction snapshots of the city that were both interesting and alienating to me. i still don't LOVE this city. it was the best option for me when i moved here two summers ago, but i can't help but think that in a year i will be going back to dc because that's the town i truly love. the story on cicero, a western suburb that is very close to city limits, was pretty depressing - they're racist fucks out there)

sex, drugs and cocoa puffs: a low culture manifesto by chuck klosterman (bus reading, about halfway done - he's a snarky nerd with perspectives that aren't as clever as he would like to believe, so he feels like my friend)

the long hard road out of hell by marilyn manson (bedtime reading, about halfway done - i borrowed this from db when i was in denver and found myself a bit embarrassed to be reading it on the plane and on the el, as it makes me look like there's something wrong with me. it's a good read, but published way too early - 1998, just when he was actually starting to grow on me. i was an RA for a floor of sociopathic freshman girls my senior year of college, and my secret santa got me mechanical animals, as per instructed on my list. that's still a good glammy album. my college boyfriend was into him, but i found it schlocky and the first album was more annoying to me than shocking. college boyfriend had a marilyn manson baseball hat that said "god of fuck" on it, which i guess i thought was kool at the time but honestly now makes me laugh at how immature - and entirely wishful - that is)

btw, that photo is one that my uncle took in paris of some old dude in his bookstore. my uncle is a professional photographer and i love his stuff. i have a print of that photo in my living room. check out his website here.

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