Tuesday, May 09, 2006

just a couple of things.

i didn't happen to mention that i did not, in fact, go visit dick durbin and barack obama's offices when i was in dc, as there was only one person in the vermont delegation and one in the rhode island, and my office didn't want them to go alone, so i went to their meetings, mostly as moral support. i was treated suspiciously by every legislative assistant and congressman we met - i think they thought i was a lobbyist there to prompt their constituents, when really i was thrilled that they didn't want me to speak, as i had absolutely no interest in the bills that my office was advocating for and could not convincingly speak for them at all.

one rad thing that happened was that i saw the list of appointments for the ohio delegation, and my friend and frequent scissors happy reader sp was listed as the legislative assistant to meet with. my friends never cease to amaze and surprise me - really, she is, like, the health care expert for her congressional office, and meets with constituents. awesome. i tried to crash their meeting but got held up, so i dropped by and asked to see her. i was asked if i had an appointment. i said no, but that my delegation had just left and i wanted to leave her some additional information. i had to wait 10 minutes, and when she finally emerged she started laughing and was like "when i heard that they had come back i was totally annoyed."

anyway, i went to patrick kennedy's office with the rhode island person. he wasn't there, but we go to sit in his gorgeous office, cluttered with family memorabilia and things like a mounted marlin and signed hockey jerseys. i have a big ole soft spot for his dad, tedward, and while his legislative assistant was probably five years younger than i am, it was cool to be there. one weird thing is that there were tons of medical posters mounted on heavy paper featuring brain scans and neurological research, which his la said was a big interest of his. also a big interest, as we learned a week later, is crashing his car on capitol hill, being so drugged and/or boozed up that he admits that he doesn't even remember getting out of bed and into his car. ah well. this wapo article interviews his people, and they still love him, and, being tedward's son, i do, too.

awesome: having your first novel published at the age of 18, as a freshman at harvard. even more awesome: receiving a half-million dollar advance, as well as selling the movie rights. not so rad: you're a plagiarist, and the publisher is simply yanking all of the copies off the shelves. i swear that 2006 is the Year of the Liar.

"the fat man walking" reaches new york today. i read a really interesting article about him in the week a while ago. during his trek from california to new york he often just camped in ditches, he lost some toenails, and his wife served him divorce papers. here is his website, sent to me by pos.

i never get sick of shitty album covers, especially small-press vanity vinyl from the 70s. click here - this is a really good music and mp3 blog that i discovered this week, i am fuel, you are friends (whatever that means).

this is a classic that i forgot about: candyboots posted a collection of disgusting retro weight watchers recipe cards with bitchy commentary. which reminds me of when we drove by treats tonight, this 99% fat-free icecream place near my apartment that none of us ever go to anymore, having learned our lesson, eb said with such vehemence that i totally busted up, "that place ought to be called SICKS." click here for nastiness.

here is a washington post interview with paul greengrass, the british director behing united 93. i saw it with mob in dc. i had just found out that jenny chang had died, and i knew that i wanted . . . well, felt obliged to, at least . . . see united 93, so we went to see it and it was a really emotional experience for me, paired with feeling so stunned that my friend had died. the movie put me in pre-anxiety-attack mode, very anxious and kinda wanting to vomit and generally upset. i cried a few times. i had been concerned about this movie and whether it was too soon or too crass or too hollywood to be a proper documentation, especially for being the first september 11th movie, but it was so well done that it felt thoroughly authentic. mob's mom, he told me, is sorta obsessed with that flight; mob used to be my boss, and our office was on the 10th floor (not high by most city's standards, but dc doesn't allow any highrises to be built taller than the washington monument, so most office buildings are about 12 stories); our building was also about four blocks away from the white house. i didn't go in to work that morning; i called in sick and was cut off, told to go turn on my tv, and my boyfriend and i watched the entire unfolding - the second plane hitting the world trade center, the pentagon, flight 93 crashing into shanksville. i don't want to get into it, but that was a seriously traumatizing day. so mob's mom firmly believes that the passengers of flight 93 most likely saved his life by downing the plane before it could attempt to hit its target in dc. regardless of what would have or could have happened, flight 93 is a really fitting tribute to the collection of strangers that just so happened to gather together, even though they knew it would be their death. i recommend seeing the movie. just be prepared. a guy that sat a few seats away from me was absolutely sobbing.


Anonymous said...

that movie was straight up intense! excellent editing!

the last 20 minutes will blow you away!


SP said...

I love that you think I am important. Heart! Thanks for the shout out.