Wednesday, May 24, 2006


there is a method to my blog. if i read something that i want to possibly post, i copy the url into a draft email, and hopefully i get around to posting it before it's old news. i was super fucking excited to read a new york times article about the Nukak-Makú, an indiginous colombian tribe that recently wandered out of the bush and have no idea what the fuck modern customs and comforts are.

"The Nukak have no concept of money, of property, of the role of government, or even of the existence of a country called Colombia. They ask whether the planes that fly overhead are moving on some sort of invisible road."

it's like the village and walk like a man come alive. these people sound really fun - they eat monkeys and are dazzled by skillets, and one guy noted that he liked the women in the modern world. this article is outstanding; too bad it expired. BUT someone else posted it, so you can read the article here. this is a photo of a Nukak-Makú child eating a monkey head, a delicacy.

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