Wednesday, May 31, 2006

must. score. more. cardboard.

i've become a crack addict, except for cardboard boxes. i think about them constantly and keep a look out for the slightest sign that i can score one. i need them to pack so i can move all of the possessions, which i usually love surrounding myself with but curse their very existences now that it is time to move. the liquor store down the street has given me the hookup, as did the 7-11 with a bunch of gatorade boxes. if one were to not look inside of my boxes, one would think that all i do is drink. both the little grocery store and the walgreens down the street spurned me. i asked the scary guy in the mailroom at work if he could keep an eye out for me - he was like "you are the sixth person who has asked me for boxes. everyone is moving. you're going to have to find them yourself." sorry. don't sacrifice me to the goatlord.

at work today i got into a terribly miscellaneous email conversation with tc and jc in which jc and i were fake-arguing through google-image-search-generated collages, and she decided to end it by sending pictures of a head of lettuce, a pile of makeup, and "i miss you so much!" written into the sand on the beach (saying "let us make up, i miss you"). i set a photo of jake and heath hugging and typed "i wish i knew how to quit you." she sent a photo of ellen and portia and asked if we were gay and if she could be the girl. i sent a photo of a leather s&m mask and told her that she was the gimp. which led us to email about gimps, which led me to imdb the guy who played the gimp in pulp fiction, and - RANDOM - he wrote the script for it's pat. somehow the two are connected, and not just because that guy's bizarre.

yes. this is how i spend my days.

other than that, all i have is one article for you to read, and i didn't even find it. it's good readin, though.

the national review listed out the top 50 rock songs that, they think, are conservative. i found this article because it was first linked off of my old kentucky blog, not because i read asshole websites.

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Anonymous said...

ween has a small part (but a large part in the end) in the movie "It's Pat". o

therwise, "it's pat" sucks so bad that who's ever in it should get cancer.

oops, sorry.