Thursday, May 25, 2006

random notes from a slow day

my hometown is super lame. my parents never wanted me or my siblings to live there after we graduated from high school, knowing that life would be nothing but misery for us if we stayed. jk grew up there, too, and we sometimes talk about how utterly depressing life is there. he told me about a restaurant that i had never heard of, which is where his ten-year high school reunion was held, and i refused to believe that someone honestly named a business that. it's called HHFFRRRGGH. no, really. so lame. so supremely lame.

i know that brokeback mountain parodies were tired six months ago, but this is a synopsis of the entire movie in 30 seconds, reenacted by animated rabbits.

i don't have a car, but if you do you should check out this great service from msn - enter your zipcode and it will tell you what station has the cheapest gasoline near you; it's updated daily.

this quiz measures your regional slang useage and lets you know if you're a "rebel" or a "yankee." i have a slight bias towards talkin dixie, but i think that is most likely a direct result of rejecting wisconsin slang (ie bubbler, pop, etc).

everyday, scientists, theologians, philosophers and mathematicians are discovering new facts about chuck norris. check out the updated list here (sent to me from rm). for example: "Chuck Norris beat the Sun in a staring contest" and "Chuck Norris has never had a surprise birthday party. He can NEVER be surprised. EVER."

remember flash mobs? someday, on vh1's "i love the 00s," they'll be dissecting what compelled people to show up to niketown at a designated time carrying a piece of bread or whatever. this is similar, but also has a smack of civil-disobedience-while-not-doing-anything-wrong, especially after the cops show up and freak out. it's cool that they documented the experience so well. apparently, best buy doesn't want you to wear their colors. this is how gang wars start. thanks for the link, ab.

photo compilation of the worst tattoos ever. god i love how horrible these are, and that they aren't on me. the commentary is priceless. thanks to mob for forwarding.

the internet has really brought together communities of people who like to humiliate their pets. click here for stuffonmycat, where you can submit photos of your cat . . . with stuff on top of it.

50 people who need a vicious beating. brought to you by the same people that posted the timeless classic "look at my striped shirt!"

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SP said...

I heart the Improv Everywhere people! The one where they pretended to know a random guy in a bar and celebrate his birthday is funny, yet it would definitely have freaked me out if I were the target.