Wednesday, May 31, 2006

since it's been a while . . .

today's first shuffle song on the ipod: "derelict" - beck, from odelay

i like beck. i have lots of fond memories of beck. i listened to "where it's at" on repeat for the entire summer of 98, tb and i picked up midnight vultures in new york when he was visiting me in new hampshire for my 23rd birthday and we listened to it the entire drive back, and - sappy and lame as it sounds - sea change really matched my sad, wounded-heart, what-a-shitty-way-to-end-a-relationship mood in the summer of 03.

however, i now feel like i know too much about beck. it's the scientology thing. yeah, guero is awesome, but i can't read shit like this (and i do believe that this was written by a lunatic, because only a crazy person would care this much) and respect beck the guy. beck the musician makes rad music, and that's all that should matter, but it's hard to not go see mission impossible 3 (which i did, in denver) and not think about tom cruise the person versus ethan hunt the character. i am completely open-minded about religion - because, really, no one fucking knows, do they? end of story - but i don't consider scientology a religion. it's a cult for rich retards.

but "derelict" . . . kool sitar and indian influences. sorry that i judge you, beck.

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SarahReznor said...

i have the same problem with any band that sayd they belong to a certain religion. i dont wanna judge anyone for that but i hate preachyness. so i guess at least he's not preachy like Tom... and that's good.