Thursday, May 25, 2006

wwjd? download the new muse track.

my new favorite song: "supermassiveblackhole" by muse, off of their forthcoming new release. do yourself a favor and go pick it up from jesus christ's blog - it's glammy and hott, and perhaps tries to be a bit industrial, a la trent's dark disco direction he returned to on with teeth (my new favorite track on that one, after completely wearing out "all the love in the world," is "sunspots"). i was listening to all of the mp3s that i've recently acquired this morning on the bus, and i had to hear "supermassiveblackhole" twice in a row. i know that they are accused of being radiohead imitators, but i haven't been able to dance to radiohead in at least five years. unless i was busting out some robot moves, of course.

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