Tuesday, June 06, 2006

6 + 6 + 06

of course i have to post today - it's the day of the beast. repent. consecrate yourself with holy water. or just go get martinis after work like i did.

sc and i looked for this louvin brothers album in nashville because we went to this awesome old dusty country western vinyl emporium, but couldn't find it. we saw it on cd at a more updated country record shop a few doors down, but i want it for the cover art. if ever an album needed to be framed . . .

anyway, to commemorate the spooky ooky ooky theme of today, msnbc has a mildly funny guy write about the mad marketing dash to cash in on the satanic date, while the wapo checks in with dc freemason-conspiracy-theorists, wiccans, tattoo parlors and the lottery to see if satan's influence affects business as usual.

and tb sent along this link to the blog awesome until proven guilty's devilishly good mix for you to download.

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philthee said...

That album rules. I'm not even joking.