Tuesday, June 27, 2006

and so it's a week later.

so much since last week!

i had my move, which actually went fabulously and i am so happy to have my own apartment. i was emailing with sp yesterday and discussing moving, and i reminisced about how horrible moving always is for me. in the summer of 1999 i moved to new hampshire to work for the americorps, and due to a huge fuckup, i didn't have an apartment to move into, which the americorps was supposed to have secured for me. i ended up having to store all of my stuff in an administrator's garage and crashed on other americorps members' (strangers) floors. when i was moving from new hampshire to dc my grandfather died, so my parents and i had to rush down to the city, throw my shit into my new place, and fly home. i hired movers in the spring of 2001 to move to a new place, and not only were they dicks in general, they didn't even come until the next day (they cancelled on me around 9 pm after i had waited around all day, calling and getting increasingly more irate). when i moved from dc to chicago, we had underestimated the size of the truck i would need, so my dad and i ended up picking things out of the back to toss into the dumpster, which was kind of traumatic. so i seriously hate moving, yet seem to do it every year. this year was great - four guys who busted ass and wrapped everything in blankets and tons of tape. i was out of the old and into the new in two hours. i had been putting my shower curtain up when one of them was like "miss? do you like?" and showed me the front room, where they had arranged my couch, armchair, tv stand, tc, coffeetable, and bookshelf, and it looked great. i love usa movers and if you live in chicago and need a mover, call them.

last friday's wapo was a total downer. first they do an article on how a quarter of americans feel that they have NO ONE that they can confide in (oh, blog, i am so blessed to have you), and then they covered a candidate who was running for maryland's governor who dropped out of the race because of his crippling depression, and then a feature on how the public's perceptions of depression has changed, especially when concerning their politicians. this all reminds me of the onion study "depression hits losers hardest." oh, and there was a terror sect's plan to bomb the sears tower and the fbi headquarters. DEPRESSING.

read here about the unfortunate demise of what sounds like a true gem of a magazine. they need to get a website/blog, yo. paper magazines need to be amazing for them to survive (and people to even be interested). i'm look at you, radar - i want my money back. i only got two issues in the mail before it went under.

ag got a little obsessed with youtube this past week and sent me like 87 links to all sorts of randomness. here is the el debarge "who's johnny?" video. i fully contend that this is the worst pop song ever recorded: it was the theme song to a horrible movie (short circuit), the lyrics make absolutely no sense and are patently ridiculous ("who's johnny, she said, and smiled in that special way, who's johnny, she said, you know i love you" - wha wha what?), and the video is so horrendous that not even steve gutenberg would slum to be in it (i wonder if he got paid for them to use a CARDBOARD CUT-OUT of him. no wonder ally sheedy had problems with bulemia - i wouldn't be able to stop puking, either, if i had been in this video.

jmk sent this article - his email subject line was "sweet dreams." fanfuckingtastic. make sure to look under your bed before you go to bed tonight.

we are so seriously fucked. here's an article on what scientist think we should look into to cool the planet, since no one bothered to get off their dead asses and seriously consider global warming and its causes until like three days ago. one idea is to use some sort of giant mirror that faces the earth and blocks the sun's direct light. really? you think so? that's our best bet? yeah, we're all gonna die.

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