Wednesday, June 07, 2006

because every blog needs at least one post about alan thicke.

i have two things to say about alan thicke: first of all, i have no idea how this could possibly be true - rb told me about this and i didn't believe her, but it's on his imdb page like its proven fact: steven spielberg wanted him to play oskar schindler in schindler's list. if that's not hard enough to believe, alan thicke QUIT over ARTISTIC DIFFERENCES. his imdb page also says that he dated kristy swanson when she was 17 (he was 40) and that he wrote the "diff'rent strokes" theme song, as well as a song for christina aguilera (i hope it was "beautiful"). come on - not ALL of this information could possibly be true.

the other thing i have to say is that this huge fuck-up during the mrs. world pageant, which he hosted, is pretty funny. the best week ever gives the link and swears it's because everyone knows he's a huge drunk.


Anonymous said...

we used to have a clipart photo of alan thicke on our dorm room door. remember? i have always been a fan of that tool.

irina slutsky said...

unfortunately, the sad story about the corrupt pageant is about much more than thicke. here's a great article written by a guy who was asked to be a judge.