Tuesday, June 13, 2006

everyone hates ann cuntler

i am in love with henry rollins. he's hott. and totally intense, like a scary drill sergeant. i think that he would scream at me about how undisciplined and dispassionate my life is, and i would look at his slightly graying business-man haircut and huge search and destroy back tattoo and simultaneously cry and be completely turned on. he's smarter and funnier than any aging punk has a right to be, and he is my hero for his open letter to ann coulter. watch here; it is, like all good online clips, nsfw. btw, henry does a really funny/odd duet with william shatner called "i can't get behind that" on shatner's has been. they just sort of bitch about things that they hate - like student drivers - over a live drum freakout.

wanna vomit? dustin diamond - aka screech from saved by the bell - is packing 10 inches. he's still completely unattractive; in fact, this makes him strangely even more repulsive to me. read here about how he is also so broke that his house is going to be repossessed if you don't buy a lame t-shirt from him. plus, it's not like it's his malibu spread that he can't afford anymore - it's in wisconsin. my parents have a nice three-bedroom house on two acres of woods in wisconsin and it always really hurts my feelings to compare what you can get up there to what you can buy for the same amount of money in chicago (probably a one-bedroom condo in a neighborhood that you most likely wont be stabbed in), so screech is piss fucking broke. um, surprising?

slow news week? the new york times has a feature on wannabe contestants on the price is right, and the washington post has a feature on the superstitious hex on the play macbeth. both of these articles would have been timely in 1612.


Anonymous said...

how could this dickhead have bad credit? how long was saved by the bell on tv? like 6 years? PLUS, he was the only returning member to do all of the spinoffs... making that more like 10 years... PLUS he includes "TV's Screech" on all of his stand up advertising (and I'm sure 75% of his jokes), because who the fuck has ever heard of "Dustin Diamond"???

Let's be conservative and say that his "screech" career as paid him at least $1.5 million.

and he has bad credit?


Kurt Steinberg said...

Screech said that he made about $2 million during his 10+ years on the show. He and his parents have pissed it all away! What a loser!