Wednesday, June 07, 2006

snips, clips

best website name i have heard in a while:

you know what i seriously love about the washington post online? sometimes (click here - i posted this in march) they run some of the most random shit that i suppose is printed within some sort of context in the literal newspaper and just doesn't translate well to the online edition. here is a short ramble about david hasslehoff's lyrics.

i know that i often complain about how lame my hometown is, and this is just another example: their piece of shit newspaper decided to write a feature about the everyone loves the huge cow statue that sits outside the oasis truckstop and ramada inn out by the interstate. jk forwarded it to me, because he still has childhood scars from growing up there, too.

ann coulter is a total cuntface and i'm glad that she's on their team and not mine. ironically, some people believe that she doesn't even believe what she says - she's like the sixteen-year-old kid who lashes out at his family by saying the worst things he can just to hurt them and just for the attention. she's a sociopath, and she is the human embodiment of a praying mantis.

i heart netflix (at home right now: walk the line and raising victor vargas) and this article does a good job of not only explaining how the company does their magic, but discusses the general landscape of how hollywood keeps releasing blockbuster tripe for the masses when really the american public is content with renting older, actually good films and series.

the onion av club, which i think is a treasure trove of smart, well-written clips and lists to kill time, has a list of 10 successful music artists with terrible names. i didn't see goatlord on their anywhere, but oh yeah, they said successful.

blender lists out the 50 worst songs of all time. i have four of them on my ipod, and none of them are even meant to be enjoyed ironically. actually, i have four and a half, if you include the radiohead/vanilla ice mash-up of "idioteque" with "ice ice baby." it's called "vanilla idiot" and it's actually just kind of creepy and not all that great, but i do love me some mash-ups.

whoops - can't believe i missed this at the end of the year (as i so very much enjoyed the 2004 edition). here is the beast's 50 most loathsome people in america for 2005. it's nice to see that ann coulter is shooting up the charts.

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