Thursday, June 15, 2006

that cat has genocide in his eyes

oh my god i am so sick of packing, planning and stressing out over moving. what's that old axiom that the most stressful things people have to go through are being sick, the death of a loved one and moving?

to ease my weary little mind, and yours, too, here are some fantastique clips.

jk sent this robot chicken clip of an awesome stop-action animated golden-girls-meets-sex-and-the-city clip. mob always told me that sex in the city utilized the same cliched characters that the golden girls did: the naive one (charlotte/rose), the slut (samantha/blanche), the stodgy one (miranda/sophia) and the horse-faced main character, the real glue of the story (get it? horse? glue?) - carrie/dorothy. this clip is pretty good and fairly gross. "no-denture adventure." too funny. and i love the "check, PLEASE!!" guy.

that clip leads logically to an article that that rb sent out recently, which she declared "the most disgusting news story of the year": old people with stds.

tb sent me this email, with the subject line "bizarre" - "my two favorite subjects... together, finally: 'Hitler' and 'Cats.'" so weird. i don't think i could love a kitty that looked like hitler, but maybe that's just because i'm more of a dog person. click here.

bronson pinchot, aka cousin balki, became a freemason. i didn't know that you could just sign up for that. this news is brought to you right from the source - the pennsylvania grand lodge website. hope my computer didn't drop any cookies when i was there looking. there is a guy at my job who looks like cousin larry. db met him when she flew in from denver and met up with me at my holiday after-party at a bar with a bunch of coworkers, and she was like "EWWW!!! he has total methmouth!!!"

i'm going to go continue packing, dusting and fretting now.

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SarahReznor said...

hitler cats??? people ran out of shit to blog about...