Wednesday, June 14, 2006

vote early, vote often, and keep brooke in your prayers

i want moxie motive to play at lollapalooza, and you should, too. i would want them to play even if i didn't know todd, their drummer. they get to play with all sorts of indie superstars whenever they come to town (recently, tapes n tapes and cold war kids, which all of my favorite mp3 blogs are always salivating over), and they are in the running to win the unsigned band slot at lolla. click here to vote, which you can do daily (and use all of the email addresses you own that are valid - that would be three for me). go here to listen to/download four demos that they've been recording. they're really great, and even if they don't get to play lolla, they will have a following. you read that here first. both of you readers.

i know todd because he's tb's friend, and we are both participants of the 2006 dead pool that we pay $5 a month to participate in. my $60 was totally wasted, as 2006 is halfway over and NO ONE ON MY LIST has died. jerry lewis just had a mild heart attack, but he's still kicking. why pete doherty and natasha lyonne can't start dating and shooting one another up is beyond me - that would be like 140 points if they both died, enough to at least make me not come in last place. i complained to ecf that two people got 61 points for the death of al-zarqawi and he emailed "The world's only superpower is spending a billion dollars a day in an attempt to kill one man, and you didn't list him??? And he was only 39 ??? You'll get no sympathy from me, you brought this on yourself." good point.

worse, i learned a valuable lesson about research. i thought that brooke astor was 96 years old and, though a measly four points, a sure shoo-in for a date with the grim reaper. turns out that she is 104 years old. so if she dies, i will have NEGATIVE FOUR POINTS. even if no one on tb's list dies, he still wont lose if ms astor (who i believe may have been like paris hilton - minus the rotting crotch and nipslips - in the 20s) dies. so now i am forced to root for her to live. ironic. retarded.

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