Sunday, July 30, 2006

bang bang pitchfork and roll

i saw a lot of bands this weekend. i had the opportunity to see more bands than i actually saw, but this weekend was hot. surface-of-the-sun hot. only topped by last year's lollapalooza, which was interior-of-the-sun hot. but rock shows are supposed to be hot. you're supposed to sweat and guzzle beer and look like shit by the time you go home. mission accomplished.

saw art brut at the empty bottle on friday night. the venue is small and it was packed and i didn't give a shit about watching the ponys, as they were just a bunch of feedback and ironic sweaters when they opened for the yeah yeah yeahs. before art brut went on, ab and i went closer to the stage and some kid - literally, he looked 17 - struck up a conversation with us. he was just so earnest and sweet, i really wanted to root for him, but definately not make out with him. he has years of disappointment and rejection ahead of him - the only guys my own age who easily walk up to girls are usually super creepy. he asked us if we were best friends (um, awkward, i'm almost 30) and we were like "uhhh, we work together." so he gave us the Best Friend Test, in which he had us think of a number between 1 and 10, and if we thought of the same number then we were indeed best friends. wait, maybe this kid was retarded and i just didn't know. we did not come up with the same number. sorry, ab. it is a proven fact that we are not best friends, but i like hanging out with you anyway.

anyway, art brut was super funny, as always. they never did get to go on top of the pops - eddie lamented that its last broadcast was nine hours from when they were playing. he also cheered the polish barber down the street from the empty bottle that had cut his hair - he said that it was the most britpop hair cut he had ever received. the band is awesome and the lyrics are both simple and really clever, and i like them. good show.

pitchfork music fest was also this weekend. it was at union park, where intonation fest was, and was basically the exact same festival, with different bands and different banners. we even staked out the same spot in between the two stages. i got there in time to see the mountain goats (sorry, but that was annoying - at one point i really thought that they sounded exactly like deep blue something's "breakfast at tiffany's"). i didn't pay much attention to destroyer's set. art brut were good but it was hard to hear what eddie was saying and it was pretty much the same set as the night before. ted leo was good (although i was mostly standing in line and eating curry fries during his set). i was happy to hear the walkmen play "the rat" - that song fucking rocks. the futureheads was just like their album - good at first, and then monotonous. we needed to wake up, as we were all sundrunk and sleepy, so we went to a tent to see a-trak spin, which was actually really fun, but i was sopping wet by the time we got out of there. i cannot overstate how horrible it was outside.

when not watching bands, the people watching was unparralleled. when i got there, jmk and ag had been counting green skirts (glad i wore my black one). i started counting weather-inapproriate outfits, which included long-sleeved shirts, velour or corduroy pants, workboots, and lots of adorable little indierock girls in polyester 70s dresses (with heels) that looked like absolute misery. there were also some Very Pregnant women and quite a few toddlers. i understand the need to have kool children, but they shouldn't die of heatstroke in the process.

i dreaded going down today - the lineup didn't look all that amazing to me, but i really wanted to see spoon, so i went just to see them at 8:00 and promptly left. i'm really glad i went, even though it took me longer to get home than i spent watching them play. a few new songs, a bunch off of gimme fiction, and "stay don't go" followed immediately by "jonathan fisk," which is the EXACT ORDER THAT THEY MUST BE PLAYED. really, i feel that way. really, i have feelings about things like that. i was ecstatic to hear "they never got you," as it is my favorite spoon song and is indeed, according to my itunes, the song that i listen to the most. i blogged about this a few days ago, after i heard my second-and-third-most-played songs when i saw the cloud room ("hey now now") open for muse ("stockholm syndrome"). the top three live in four days. that makes me really happy. i kinda doubt that the chances of me seeing the jesus and mary chain play "head on" (#4) any time soon are stacked in my favor.

so, this was just a warm up to lollapalooza next weekend. that's three full days of bands that i really do want to see. i'm really hoping for a nice lake breeze and maybe some clouds. i'd even happily take a monsoon over last year's 110-degree humidity.

i'm off to florida for work. florida the first week of august - perfect.


SarahReznor said...

I hate you (not really) the only band to come here in YEARS (depeche mode) canceled coz of the war... stupid war...

SP said...

"i plan to make my vast fortune off of the two-year-tattoo ink i am going to invent, btw." Whatever, dude. I came up with that concept in college. I call theft! Although...I've never been able to come up with the formula for it. Maybe we could team up?