Sunday, July 16, 2006


so hot. melting. no airconditioning because my bedroom window doesn't lock into its track and keeps pulling out. awesome. been watching little britain on dvd all day - love it. i want to just pack up and move to a council house in london, maybe date a chav. i love brits.

i know i'm like a year behind on this, but i love the postal service's jared-hess-directed video for "we will become silhouettes." jenny lewis is awesome but for whatever reason i only like ben gibbard when he's doing postal service stuff - i'm not a huge death cab fan. anyway, the video has some excellent 80s kitschy sensibilities about it that are also beautiful. i love the end picnic - they look like they're in tatooine (food, clothes and terrain). yeah, that's right, i just made a non-ironic reference to star wars. watch here.

i like reading reviews of bands and movies and books and restaurants, but i only really pay attention if the review isn't glowing. in fact, i am a huge fan of the fine art of the diss. even bands and movies and books and restaurants that i truly love, and even if i don't agree. this page of new album reviews from something awful is a true pleasure to read - they poke fun of the sacred thom yorke, say that muse is "too pussy to be metal and too metal to be cool" and declare at the top of the page that "This summer is an exciting time for White People Music, seeing new releases by lame-rock juggernauts such as Keane, Muse, Thom Yorke, Sufjan Stevens, and Sonic Youth. Before spending your hard-earned nerd dollars, please consider these fair and impartial reviews of some of the hottest musical issuances of the season." brilliant!

i am now going to tread into the syracusan's territory and post something from don't despair, it's not totally boring - it's a compilation list of the best videos available on youtube (non-sports-related including). speaking of sports, i will now direct you to a new book that you should check out if you do things like actually read - why fantasy football matters (and our lives do not), which i hear is very funny. according to author max handelman's sister-in-law, my friend rm.

and i'll wrap this up by giving a shout-out to the streets - this show review sounds like pretty much the exact same set he did at intonation fest, which i was too busy to post about, apparently. the highlights of the fest for me were the streets and lady sovereign, both awesome. see? - i'm turning into a total anglophile. and since british accent = 4 attractiveness points, most british men have no struggle making me think that they are the hotness. mike skinner is . . . errr, well, not totally fit. his automatic 4 points help.

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Anonymous said...

the streets was cool 3 years ago.