Sunday, July 09, 2006

i have opinions

i love roger ebert. he has perfected the fine art of the diss. since he's recovering from a burst blood vessle in surgery (barf), in his honor i will review what i have watched lately:

the devil wears prada (went with my mom): formulaic, unrealistic and uncomplex, but fun to watch.

the lake house (my mom's choice): wow. that was super retarded! i can "suspend reality" but it needs to at least make some sense. magic mailbox and quasi-time-travel so that two boring people can fall in love. only redeeming quality was that the movie was in love with chicago architecture and filmed all over the city, and the lake house itself was supposed to be in kenosha, where i went to school.

a prairie home companion (mom and sister): zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. didn't care. didn't like.

grey gardens (netflix): two people have been telling me for a while that i NEED to see this movie. had to break up watching it over two days. i don't understand the appeal, other than the fact that they're jackie o's relatives who had glamourous lives in the 40s and 50s. it's a documentary about two mentally ill shut-ins arguing and reminiscing. depressing.

american beauty
(i still own vhs tapes): i saw this like three times in the theater (i was in new hampshire that year. there was nothing to do) and i just ADORED it. watching it again, it seems less perfect than i used to think, but still really great. you can see the shades of what alan ball would end up bringing to six feet under, the best show ever aired.

that photo is of russ meyer and roger ebert, the creative masterminds behind my favorite movie of all time, beyond the valley of the dolls.

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