Monday, July 24, 2006

"it's summertime and i can understand/if you still/feel sad"

it's summertime and summertime is happytime. i have intramural happy hour about once a week, lots of music festivals, i ride my bike and sit in the sun and can eat fudgesicles for dinner without feeling like a lazy loser. went to wicker park (not this one) fest this weekend and saw moxie motive play, and pitchfork festival is this weekend. lollapalooza the weekend after that. then i'm going to nantucket for almost a week. better place my order for my modestwear now before they sell out (thanks for letting me know that i can finally go to the beach and remain chaste, ab).

so jms is coming to visit chicago for lollapalooza - the rest of the boys are all busy with grad school and the like, so it's just the two of us, plus work friends and tb and his crew. we have been debating which bands we want to see in conflicting timeslots and he mentioned that we could go see matisyahu but added "although we can't dance together . . . jewish law!" - which i thought was fucking funny. and jms is totally my hero because he was quoted in the new york times this weekend about book sales. that might sound super nerdy, but he has carved out an envy-inspiring career for himself by hitting book sales and then selling them (for good profit) on amazon. plus he brought me a huge stack of vinyl last summer when he came to visit for lollapalooza 05, which he had scored at a library sale. rem's murmur on vinyl, yo.

quickly now: random news roundup:

very poetically written and heartbreaking: here

eels are easily the ugliest creatures on the planet and SCARY but so, so delicious: here

i cannot believe that a company that appears to be at least somewhat reputable bought this as their web address: here

i just really like this headline: here

new "sundial" billboard two blocks away from my apartment: here

i only run if i am being chased (with a chainsaw and it's not a joke) but this article is really cool and makes me recall dc's scary streets with fondness: here

cd went to comic-con for work and told me that there were A LOT of jedi master nerds running around (as well as pretty much every other variety of nerd) and said that sasha baron cohen was there as borat and showed a really disgusting/offensive/awesome clip from his upcoming movie that featured a fully-naked borat wrestling a fully-naked 400-pound man in a hotel, and then they ran into some company's awards banquet and continued their wrestling on the stage. he has photos from his visit to dorkland here.

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