Tuesday, July 11, 2006


i have really amazing friends. they put my lazy ass to shame. am - okay, fine, allyson murphy, you'd have found out soon enough once you click the link - is a fantastic graphic designer and has been working with the founders of Binti Pamoja (Daughters United in Swahili) Center to create LIGHTBOX, a book of photos and essays created by the young women that the organization works with. Binti Pamoja is a reproductive health and women’s rights program for teenage girls in the Kibera slum of Nairobi, Kenya.

as the website (which allyson also designed) says, "Themed photography and reflective writing assignments were the initial activities . . . used to engage the young women of the Binti Pamoja Center. Photography was an important tool for fostering discussion because, while describing their images, the young women were able to talk about otherwise taboo subjects. Today, Binti Pamoja uses drama, writing, peer-led small group discussions and photography to explore the critical issues that 13-18 year old young women face in Kibera. Challenges addressed include: HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted infections, lack of reproductive health care and information, unintended early pregnancy, violence against women, prostitution, female circumcision, sexual abuse, unequal access to education and stifling domestic responsibilities."

the photos are amazing and the opportunity to support such a noble and important cause is really awesome. proceeds from the book go to Binti Pamoja - allyson says that all $45 of the purchase price goes to a scholarship fund that helps the girls attend high school.

buy affordable art AND offer hope to girls who face unimaginable barriers. can't think of anything better than that.

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murphy said...

you effin' rock my world kb! Thanks so much for the support...