Tuesday, July 11, 2006

quit stalking me, joseph cross

i'm super excited for the running with scissors adaptation and can't wait to see how they turn a horrifying young adulthood into a filmable and artistic endeavor. will joseph finnes' neil really be the pedophile that lives in the backyard shed and is augusten's first "boyfriend," like he is in the book? and they expect this movie to make money? the book was so amazing because while it's hard to believe as a memoir, it's also hysterical. augusten is played by a kid named joseph cross.

he was also in strangers with candy (as jeri's half-brother), which i saw with eb this weekend and liked. i adored the show - my roommates and i stuck our upper teeth out and rolled our eyes to the side for a solid summer straight - and the movie felt like one really long episode. it sort of lost steam about halfway through, but the first half-hour totally justifies the price of admission. even though $9.50 for a 4:30 show is a fucking scam. whatever happened to before-7-pm matinees?

so i had law and order on in the background while i was ironing earlier (it's superbusy week at work, and i have to wear suits) and there was little joseph cross, testifying against his mother. leave me alone, joe. let me watch something - anything - without you showing up. i somehow managed to miss his performance in jack frost, however. the birth of his career and the death of michael keaton's, apparently.

so speaking of strangers with candy, here is a clip of amy sedaris on the colbert report, which pos sent me. she's actually kind of pretty when she isn't wearing fat pants and pretending to be a 35-year-old former crackhead hooker fresh out of prison.

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