Tuesday, July 18, 2006

ten things you already knew

1. paris hilton is fug.

2. the japanese are crazy.

3. the polish are pretty weird, too.

4. the bush family is full of assholes.

5. ebay is full of theiving douchebags.***

6. my hometown is full of class acts (please click here and here).

7. retarded people just cannot catch a fucking break, for reals.

8. mocking dustin diamond will never get old.

9. borat is crazy sexy, plus nice, yes?

10. when there is a warning that "disturbing images" can be found if you click a link, they mean it.

special thanks to jk, ecf, ab, and tb for links.

*** fuck you, "elena humphries", for the three months i spent trying to get my $364 back for the frank kozik nirvana print that you never sent.


philthee said...

Those Polish movie posters are amazing and actually highly applauded. I have the Robocop one. I highly applaude it.

SarahReznor said...

i knew that hillbilly wedding wasnt for real!!!