Monday, August 28, 2006

bits, clips, snips

put a cork in it, bitch.

stockholm syndrome at its finest: click here.

jms wore his obama 08 shirt to lollapallooza and, as we were leaving during the last set of the last day, this totally drunk guy pointed at him and was yelling in that crazy drunken bray, WHOOOOOO!!!!! we were like "um . . . ?" and he was like "it'll be 2012, dude, 2012! TWENTY TWELVE!!!!" illinois hearts obama, and so does kenya.

here's an article about nuns who know nothing about the world in which they don't really participate in, but pray for us anyway.

two great postings from the best of craigs list: landlords don't have it so easy, and some ghosts are losers.

i lived in this neighborhood when i first moved to chicago, and it would be fair to say that i did not fit in. just riding the bus in the morning with the brittle take-half-in-the-divorce blonde ambition girls with their louis vuitton bags and gucci sunglasses made me want to vomit. lincoln park girls are called trixies and there used to be a website dedicated to how ridiculous they are. it's offline now but still archived here. tb loves this site and forwarded to me.

and, finally: the nightmare before christmas is going to be re-released - IN 3D!!!

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