Sunday, August 27, 2006

"i don't like you/ i just hate you/ i'm gon-na/ kick your ass"

movie i just watched: oldboy. very strange and very awesome. i liked the octopus scene, and i liked all of the violence (only one gun in the whole film - just bats and martial arts throughout). i don't think i'd ever seen a korean movie before this one. i love korean characters (as in letters) - very angular and square with random ovals. i had both the subtitles and the overdubbing on, and it was interesting to see where they didn't match up very well.

book i just read: oh the glory of it all. i forgive sean wilsey for creeping me out with his psychosexual adolescent obsession with his stepmother. his memoir was fascinating because it was a very well-told (i always doubt memoirist's abilities to recall verbatim conversations and circumstances) account of growing up with everything (dad worth $300 million) but lacking in true understanding and love. i feel for him, and his writing is entertaining. i would not doubt that his stepmom has contacted a team of lawyers to explore slander and libel charges - she is described as a total heartless cunt.

today's first shuffle song: "get in the ring" - guns n roses, from use your illusion ii. poor axl - so misunderstood. he's still always getting arrested for biting security people and whatnot. he has totally lost his mind, and his botox face and horrible cornrows are merely symptoms of an overarching mental problem. this song is about shutting the haters up, basically. it's good for being live (i am not a huge fan of live albums and i hate when i get really excited to find some obscure mp3 that, upon downloading, i realize is a scratchy and poorly-recorded live bootleg). anyway, when i was in high school i knew the whole spoken monologue by heart and liked reciting the tirade against bob guccione, jr ("you pissed off cuz your dad gets more pussy than you?"). btw, bob guccione, jr and ann coulter used to date. she wrote to the washington post "I must write to correct a few of the many egregious misstatements in your [...] Reliable Source column. I am not, and have never been arm candy for Bob Guccione Jr. The Gooch was my arm candy -- my boy toy -- whom I eventually, and regretfully, had to replace with a much younger man." i mean, just when you think that she is truly the most hideous creature, she finds a new way to further repulse you. amazing.

i just really like this headline.

how bad would this suck?: nine and a half months adrift at sea, eating uncooked seagulls (BARF), you're rescued, and now everyone suspects you for being criminal at best and a cannibal at worst.

as there are clearly no more pressing matters in chicago, foie gras is now illegal. i have guilt issues surrounding my meat-eating - i was a vegetarian peta member in high school, before they got embarrassing and started throwing red paint on women wearing fur coats on manhattan streets - but i have an illogical heirarchy in my mind about animals and what makes me feel less guilty about consuming them. i will not eat the goat at the indian buffet we go to for lunch near the office, but i will eat cows and pigs and fish and birds. i would rather eat a bird or fish than a cow or pig, though. i almost never cook meat for myself - mostly because i am scared of food poisoning, and also because i live alone (think of edward norton's single-serving lifestyle in fight club) - so i eat a lot of veggie burgers and non-meat meals. it's all combined into a mishmash of hypocrisy and guilt. anyway, chefs are not taking the foie gras ban lightly - the theory being that chicago authorities are dictating personal choice and that veal, caviar, oysters, lobsters and other luxury foods that are deemed cruel (and then i guess all meat, if you want to argue about cruelty) will be illegal. anyway, i point out this article because this last-night-before-the-ban menu sounds rad and, due to my appreciation for overpriced dining adventures, and am sad that i missed it: "At the 676 Restaurant & Bar on Chicago's Magnificent Mile, chef Robert Gadsby topped foie gras with Pop Rocks candies, wrapped it in prosciutto and blended it into hot chocolate as part of an 'Outlaw Dinner' that also featured such controversial ingredients as wild morels, absinthe, unpasteurized imported cheese and hemp seeds. While the seven-course, $140 dinner was completely legal, all the ingredients have been banned at some point."

this wikipedia page about the mcmartin prescool trial was linked off of a rather disturbing slate article about america's obsession with jonbenet (click here for slate). poor chuck norris! this reminds me of capturing the friedmans, which freaked me out. i have never heard of the mcmartin trial, but james woods apparently starred in an hbo movie about it. warning: don't ever go see capturing the friedmans at the theater with your boyfriend of five months because it will be your last date together. true story. it happened to me.

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