Thursday, August 17, 2006

random reportings from my apartment

there were helicopters seemingly circling my apartment this morning as i was getting ready for work and i was pretty surprised that there would be a manhunt on at 7:30 am. then i heard fighter jets, which, for whatever reason, i have been very sensitive to for about, oh, i would say five years this september. turns out that it's just the air and water show, which i forget about every year and always have a mini heartattack when i hear them practice.

my laptop is probably going to explode.

if ever there were an article written expressly for me . . . click

hopstop now has chicago directions available - and it's so much better than the cta website. also available for new york, dc, boston and san fran, with a few more on the way. radicals. thanks for the head's up, jms.

i will use hopstop to go see all of the gorgeous buildings that this blog, the looper, keeps posting photos of. i don't love you, chicago, not in the way that i loved living in dc, but maybe i need to learn to love you, in your own sprawling cold midwestern way. you've got nice architecture, i'll give you that. thanks for the link, cd.

today's first ipod shuffle song: "snowden" - the doves, from some cities. hey, this is really pretty! and also rockin (enough). i ought to listen to the doves more.

js sent me this article, wondering why she thought it was so funny, and i agree. there's nothing funny about the way that humans' garbage effects animal habitats, but, c'mon, it's a DOLPHIN in a SPEEDO. tb wanted to know what kind of man 1) wears a speedo and 2) removes it in the dolphin pool. clearly he has never read this website.

mother of the year contender. ecf sent the link (no surprises there - he loves all news articles involving teachers who fuck their students, hookers, perverts and sexually-inappropriate parents).

i was startled to see that 1) the jonbenet ramsey case has a new lead, and an arrest (though ABC news is now saying that this break in the case is too convenient and maybe the guy is just a nutter) and 2) that the ramseys actually did have an intruder and had nothing at all to do with her death. i can't imagine how horrible life would be if your daughter was raped and strangeld in your basement, and then the entire world was convinced that you did it. patsy died from cancer this summer. okay, so painting your toddler's face like a 30-year-old hooker and prancing her through pageants is gross, but no one in that family deserved even a fraction of the shit they have dealt with for the past ten years. jonbenet's cool with all of it, though.

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