Tuesday, August 29, 2006

so sorry i missed this a month ago.

so i just started reading in cold blood and saw that the word "faggot" was used by a character, using it to describe a bundle of sticks (which is how the brits use the word - bundle of sticks and cigarettes). so i wikipediaed (new verb!) "faggot" because i was curious to see how the word evolved from meaning a bundle of sticks to being an american epithet for most of my male friends, and while my question wasn't answered very well (no one really knows), i did happen upon this newsbite:

On July 27, 2006 American Republican pundit Ann Coulter said that the former Vice President of the United States (Al Gore) was a "total fag", and that former President of the United States (Bill Clinton) was a "latent homosexual", while being inteviewed by MSNBC's Chris Matthews[3]. Coulter caused a major controversy on the LGBT comunity; and GLAAD and other gay rights organizations tried to understand the reason why such an offensive usage of the word was permitted by the network. David Letterman later responded in defense of Bill Clinton by calling Coulter an "evil, crazy bitch" on his Late Show.

jesus christ! what the fuck is wrong with her? other than being the best Theater of the Absurd actress ever, or simply a satanic sociopath, what possible excuse could she have for being such a total cunt?

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