Thursday, August 31, 2006

"these are not my people/ i should never have come here"

nice try, guys. it is true that "The most effective form of birth control for men is not being Tom Selleck," and that "Uncle Jesse never rewinds video tapes he rents from Blockbuster. There is nothing they can do about it," but the fact of the matter is, chuck norris facts are the original, they are hilarious, and they are TRUE. tom selleck facts and uncle jess facts are just pale imitations. thanks for the link to selleck facts, jmk. they're a lot more funny than the uncle jesse page.

all of these companies' logos look like dicks. hence, the phallic logo awards. please remember that most companies' branding campaigns go through tons of analysis, focus groups and redesign. and this is what they came up with.

shit! if only i had known that he was single!

spiral frog, despite its retarded name, sounds pretty awesome at first: record labels offering mp3s for free, fully supported by advertising. then you read the fine print and you realize that it's nothing more than your standard online radio station and you go back to the hype machine to score new songs.

not only is this pseudo-christian artist a pretty horrible painter, he's a crook, too! (allegedly).

just for the record: they're fat and look prehistoric, but manatees are not dumb.

so not only is the nightmare before christmas going to be re-released in 3D, but the soundtrack is being re-released with tracks from fiona apple, marilyn manson, and some emo boys. i know that loving nightmare is very hot topic of me, but i saw it in the theater in high school and its soundtrack is one of the oldest cds i own. thanks to cd for pointing out this article to me.

i don't know how i was ever able to sleep before, now that i know about armor of god pajamas.

today's first shuffle song: "factory" - martha wainwright, from her debut. i like her. i like her brother. i like the snow patrol song she guests on. this song is good. the lyrics are a bit dark, but i like it.

that's all i've got. going to new york for a week. parties, bands, bars and all my east coast peeps - i've got the new york crew, the new haven crew and the dc crew all coming to run manhattan for the long weekend. i've got tickets to see the last show of this play, 24 hours from now i'll be watching the fuck monkeys, and i've got new platform wedges to stomp my ass through the place i'd live if i wasn't already broke.


SarahReznor said...

the phallic logo awards! awesome! needed a laugh :)

Orhan Kahn said...

Was totally reading this post the other day and I got side tracked by Chuck Norris facts. Talk about behind in the times and slow in the mind.