Thursday, September 21, 2006

get in the ring

tb has a new job with the chicago park district, marketing events and all the cool shit that the lakefront has to offer. it's the perfect job for him. he was able to hire his friend df to create the rad poster you see here for the uptown rumble, an all-ages boxing show at the clarendon community center that i went to with pos last night. apparently the clarendon community center's boxing ring was featured in this blockbuster that i somehow missed. tb and df also met up, and we watched about ten bouts, three rounds each. there is no way that some of those dudes were still in high school. what got me were the little little kids who were fucking tough and wailed on one another with total energy and skill. if i was their mom i don't think i could have watched. i knew it would be an interesting time when the first bout featured these tiny little seven-year-olds, one with a gushing, bloody nose. i felt bad but it was pointed out to me that kids that age get bloody noses by just sitting in front of the xbox. free activities at the community center are entertaining and interesting!

jc is funny. she sent me the link to this website, where you can post photos and details about assholes you have dated so that other women will know to stay away. she told me that i had some posting to do, as she has heard my truly amazing stories of douchebags and losers that i have known (most of them just really bad first-and-only dates). jc is also there to listen when things are really really good, too. she's a good friend, that jc.

you break it, you buy it: click here. eww! i can't believe i just said that.

i sent jmm two mix cds a few weeks ago after i hung out with her and her rad four-month-old hazel in nantucket. hazel and i became bffs. she'd smile at me and touch my face and i didn't even mind having to sing "100 bottles of beer on the wall" (i think we got all the way down to 17 on one particular evening) to shut her up in the car. jmm never got the package and we assumed that it was swiped by her shady mailman, who she thinks also takes her vogues. she let me know that she got the cds today, finally, and that she told her husband that they were the best mixes she had ever received (um, besides the ones that he makes her, she quickly reassured him). i was pretty proud of the one i made for the baby. feel free to replicate for any child that you want to warp (in a good way).

songs for hazel, august 2006

  1. Heaven And Hell – 20th Century Steel Band
  2. Rock Upon A Porch With You – The Boy Least Likely To
  3. Breathe Me – Sia
  4. Golden Slumbers – Ben Folds
  5. Blackbird – Sarah McLachlan
  6. I Feel Good All Over – Horace Andy
  7. Someone Else's Song – Wilco
  8. Mister, Would You Please Help My Pony? – Ween
  9. Who Loves The Sun – The Velvet Underground
  10. I Will Sing You Songs – My Morning Jacket
  11. These Arms Of Mine – Otis Redding
  12. Raindrop – The Reinder Section
  13. Satellite Of Love – Lou Reed
  14. Disconnect The Dots – Of Montreal
  15. Good Woman – Cat Power
  16. God Only Knows – Mandy Moore & Michael Stipe
  17. It's 5! – Architecture In Helsinki
  18. She's A Rainbow – The Rolling Stones
  19. Lazy Line Painter Jane – Belle & Sebastian
  20. Folk Song – David Gray
special shout-out to ecf, who is 29 today. he's one of my favorite nerds.

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