Tuesday, September 26, 2006

i was going to use some jet lyrics as a headline but i looked some up and they're all really kind of dumb

been busy.

pos is fucking awesome and took me to see the pillowman at the steppenwolf on friday. i first read about martin mcdonagh in a really great new yorker profile that i can't find anywhere online, and i saw the lieutenant of inishmore in new york earlier this month - i am a fan. i need to track down six shooter, the short film that he won an oscar for last year. i liked the pillowman a lot - not as bloody or funny as tloi, but really twisted and dark. pos left me a message the next day that it was the pillowman calling and that he was going to drop by around 3 am to talk to me about the poor choices i've made in my life. i would know that it was him because he is nine feet tall and made entirely of pillows.

what else have i been up to? mummy and dad were in town sunday - went and saw half nelson, which i liked a lot. my dad frowned at me during one particulary low point in the main character's life and said "what is the point of this?" i liked the movie because it was less plot and more character sketch. the 13-year-old actress, shareeka epps, was amazing, and ryan gosling is a damn fine actor. after the movie we went to marie's, a far-north-side pizza place that looks frozen in 1974. there's a liquor store attached. the waitress was totally coked up. it's tb's favorite pizza place. we acted all adult and paid for our parents' dinners.

pos also won free passes to hear jet play a five-song set at the vic that was recorded by xrt, with a short interview afterwards. jk is always winning tickets to shows in milwaukee because he always manages to be the 10th caller or whatever, which is really nerdy but endearing. i believe that pos just got an email - no hitting redial for him. it was really cool - maybe 50 people in the audience, and they played some new songs plus "look what you've done," which is a sweet beatles-esque song off of their debut. we were told to come back at 7:30 for their actual show that night, which was a nice surprise. the show was good - a lot more rockstar than the set that they recorded. the drummer is funny and even though they are highly derivative, they're ripping off the stones, the beatles, ac/dc and oasis - so i like em. i certainly like them enough to go see them for free.


people keep sending me this youtube video of a strangely-ageless-lookin child busting a serious move

cocaine knows you'll be back after you lose all of your teeth to meth

kk has been sending me all sorts of stuff lately: fish are now employed by the us government to fight terrorism; authentic chinese delicacies are creative and fucking disgusting; and she reminded me that this is what we always said would be in my future (cat eats my face after i have died, cold and alone in my apartment, and no one bothers to check in on me until the landlord realizes that i'm a few months late in rent, at which point he will find my mummified, faceless corpse and a really sinister kitty - or 17 really sinister kitties - hovering near what's left of me. kk once drew such a picture in the sand when we were at the beach - big-fanged cat and my dead, half-eaten face - and the resemblance was actually pretty outstanding. that kk - so sweet).

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