Monday, September 11, 2006

"nyquil is the secret for all you twelve-step recovery program people" - denis leary

i am avoiding most news outlets today because i don't want to reminisce about five years ago. first of all, i can't believe that was five years ago, because if you really wanted to talk about it all i could give you a moment-by-moment breakdown of what went down in my head that day as i sat on my couch in my light-blue nightgown watching tv and listening to fighter jets breaking the sound barrier in the dc sky, since i had called in sick that morning. the truth of the matter is, no one i knew died that day, my september 11th story is no more significant than anyone else's, all of the images and thoughts and fears are still seared into my brain, and i am not fond of watching it replay on tv or reading about it in the papers. no disrespect to anyone who died or suffered that day, because not a week goes by that i don't think about it.

so that's that. now on to the trite!

i'm listening to depeche mode's 101 right now. this album is so freaking awesome; it's the soundtrack of me at 15.

moxie motive played a 20-minute set on kexp's live show from chicago on saturday. it was really great - four songs, and the dj seemed to really dig them. kexp is an awesome seattle-based internet radio station that all of the music bloggers freak out over, so it's really rad that they came to chicago for a weekend and had local bands perform. there's an mp3 for "i think you are" on kexp's "song of the day" page

i had a really good weekend, considering i was pretty sick and had no business going out, much less drinking. the dayquil package said "avoid alcohol," which i loosely interpreted as "take it easy, champ" rather than "combining the two will fuck you up." click here for a page dedicated to denis leary's rants and scroll down to the part about nyquil. as of about 6 pm tonight i seriously thought that i had caused permanent brain damage, i was in such a downsy fog. went to the hideout/touch-and-go records block party with pos friday night. we saw girls against boys, ted leo + pharmacists, and !!!. i have zero recollection of gvsb, i really dug the ted leo song "the ballad of the sin father" and !!! were awesome. i totally adore "pardon my freedom," which they played. i only had a few beers at the show and then one more at the bar afterwards and i was totally woozy. dayquil + beer = bad idea.

my sickness continued all weekend long, but i still managed to make it to see little miss sunshine (funny) and to tb and js' party, where marley, after a few laps of foster's, became even more retarded than i was feeling. eb asked if the foster's was in honor of steve irwin. hahahaha. sad. i was supposed to go with eb to find her a wedding dress on sunday but all of the shops she looked into are by-appointment-only and close early, and we're not typically by-appointment-only kind of girls, so we bought some bridal magazines and cut out photos of dresses that we liked. it was very fifth-grade-collage of us. she and sf drove me home after dinner and told me to go to bed, because i was just a slow sick mess. can't wait until i'm over this. damn you, ernesto.

jk sent me this link - apparently another white buffalo was born on the same exotic animal farm in my hometown that miracle the white buffalo was born at in 1994. it was a big deal then - something about sacred native american significance. i'm not totally well-versed in the matter because in 1994 i fucking hated my white (buffalo) trash hometown and the thought of a buffalo burger made me angry (former vegetarian). here is a choice quote from the farmer, when asked about the new white buffalo's father: "We just turned him into Hamburger Helper." also, miracle is now sitting in their giftshop, stuffed. great. now i have a new totally lame point of reference whenever anyone asks me where i am from. if anyone cares this time around.

getting fired over email is the new getting dumped over the phone: it's just never appropriate.

my wireless connection is kinda fucked right now so i'm just going to (try to) post. that's what i get for stealing an unsecured signal. i believe in internet karma (i kept mine unsecured at my last apartment, and tc, who lived downstairs, enjoyed free use, so i don't feel bad. besides, everyone knows that the internet should be free anyway).


SarahReznor said...

when i was a kid i had a comic book about a native american boy who was looking for the white buffalo, i loved it, didnt know they existed.

I love dennis leary - life sucks, get a helmet!

and dont feel bad about 9/11 it's even hard for me to think about that day...

Anonymous said...

"i'm listening to depeche mode's 101 right now. this album is so freaking awesome; it's the soundtrack of me at 15."

really? I seem to remember New Kids On The Block's "Step By Step" as the soundtrack of you at 15.

Wait, my mistake that was the soundtrack of you at 14 and a half.