Wednesday, October 04, 2006


i don't have very many links today. except for this one.

went to the sbe vol iv exchange tonight. see, me and my friends are nerds, and sb started an "experiment" (hence the E in sbe) where you take a group of co-worker friends, all very different but all very cool, and have them make mix cds for one another on a quarterly basis. this way you get all sorts of new stuff that you probably wouldn't have otherwise, and even if you hate most of the songs that everyone contributes, you're bound to like a few randoms. like, how did i not know about ram jam's "black betty" before? and, like, i'm not going to actually buy a kelly clarkson cd, but if you want to put her on a mix for me, i will secretly listen to it. we do themes, and this time was a secret theme - put a bunch of songs together and make everyone guess. tc did a mix with songs that remind her of someone (her selection for me: hanson, of course), pjl did a timeline of his favorite songs since he was a kid (starting with run-dmc's "it's tricky" and ending with tv on the radio's "let the devil in"), avg did covers, and sb did body parts ("head like a hole" and "a rush of blood to the head" and songs by tool and bush - hahahah). i need to pick a theme and run with it. i could do guilty pleasures, but some of my choices would be much too embarrassing to actually give to other people. i have lots of rad covers, but that feels a little lazy. maybe colors - white stripes, red hot chili peppers, black rebel motorcycle club. maybe i ought to just fucking come up with something.

random, but true: we discovered that "purple rain" (inclusion on the colors mix?) is the perfect "party's over, get the fuck out" song on saturday night. i had long given up being dj and someone turned it on pretty late into the night and someone else said, "hey! that's 'get the fuck out' music!" and, magically, almost everyone did. i was also out of beer.

new christopher guest movie trailer here. ricky gervais is in it!

the post is a month and a half old, but you can still pick up the new(ish) veruca salt single "so weird" on stereogum, which was the song louise/the band opened with last friday when i saw her/them. be sure to check out the bitchy comments at the bottom of the page. i don't know, i kinda like that song.

pos and i saw american buffalo last night. it was really great - three actors, one set (a pawn/junk shop in the early 70s), planning to rob some guy of a buffalo-head nickel. david mamet's dialogue is sharp and there was good use of violence. there was even a crew bio for the "fight choreographer" in the program - he is apparently "one of fourteen Fight Masters with the Society of American Fight Directors." i kinda want that job. the show is currently in previews so i got free tickets and there were probably only 30 people tops in the theater. we were in the front row and i was worried that bobby was going to bleed all over me.

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