Monday, October 02, 2006

"falling in love, my walkman and me, with david bowie. yeah-eah. (you betcha!)"

haven't properly blogged in a while. it's pouring and lightning and thundering like crazy outside. i left my window open and my tv and dvd player (cyberhome, which is perhaps the cheesiest home-appliance name ever, $30 at best buy, tempermental, probably now dead) got wet. only have one cig left and there is no way i'm walking the one block to the mini-mart to get another pack. since i'm trapped inside and am too scared to plug in the tv, i may as well make good use of the situation. as long as my electricity is still holding up.

i happen to like snarky/clever t-shirts. don't get me wrong, they are usually worn by total tools who could never come up with the funny line on their chest on their own, and i do not buy t-shirts that say anything other than maybe a band's name, but seeing a shirt with something stupid like "free mustache rides" written on it at the store makes me laugh. i am a big fan of the homemade t-shirt as well. tc rocked her "i heart skinny boys" shirt at my party this weekend, which her bff made with iron-on letters, and i had a shirt that read "cunning linguist" made for ag for her birthday last year (cuz she's a writer and a lesbian. get it? get it?). my friends in high school had a really bad punk band called cunts on ice and i changed the B on an old-school cubs polyester ringer shirt into an NT and wrote ON ICE underneath. my english teacher made me keep my ubiquitous zipper sweatshirt on over it. BITCH!!! just kidding. i wouldn't wear a homemade shirt that had the word cunts on it anymore, but i think it's funny that i did when i was a smartass 17-year-old. anyway, the kiddies in high school are wearing all sorts of sexually suggestive shirts these days and the parents and school boards are all worried and what's wrong with the kids today they just keep getting worse and worse and growing up faster and faster and blah blah blah. the wapo investigates here.

the nyt doesn't buy the whole "the raconteurs are just four dudes who make music" thing - they know that people only pay attention because it's mr white.

it's horribly amusing that jared leto said that he thinks that "blogs should die a sudden death," because that's precisely what i think of him.

how much do i fucking love david bowie? he's still hott, god bless the elderly ex-addict, he has written some of the most interesting and amazing music of the past 25 years, his real name is davy jones, he inspires everyone from trent reznor to veruca salt, and he was awesome as warhol in basquiat. and then he goes and plays himself on the new ricky gervais (love him) show and just makes me love him even more. wish i was a somalian supermodel. watch here.

speaking of veruca salt, jmk and i saw them at the double door on friday. saying "i saw them" feels like a half-truth, as now it's just louise post and three people she hired to keep the band going. i loved them in high school, i loved their second album in college, and i loved the first post-break-up album the first year i lived in dc, which is a fascinating mess of rock songs louise wrote about hating nina gordon for leaving the band and about hating dave grohl for leaving her. she/they just released a new album that i suppose i'll look into acquiring but i'm not in any huge rush. the show was good - loud, fun to hear the old shit, the new stuff was pretty good - but, and i feel like a bitch for saying it, she looked horrible. like "i stopped doing coke because i'm gonna be 40 soon but i still wear the fake fur coat that was rad in 1996 and i gained some weight and bleach out my hair but if i stick a fake flower in it i'll look cute" bad. sorry louise. i feel like a bitch now. but i am happy that i got to see the band, even if it was really just a one-woman show. she doesn't need her anyway - the shit that nina's been releasing as a solo artist makes sheryl crow seem cutting edge.

here's a totally random headline.

saw jackass number two with pos last night. it was super fucking funny, of course. i didn't like all of the snakes, though - i mean, i understand that they need to keep pushing themselves to see just how fucked up they can get without being seriously hurt, but an anaconda hidden in a happy fun ball pen is enough to make me avoid chuck e. cheese for the rest of my life. there were some truly disgusting montages that caused everyone on screen (and the cameraman) to vomit, and that spike jonze is a funny little man. i can only recommend this movie if you are still secretly 14 years old (because i am).

i promise that if you come visit me in chicago i will show you all of this stuff and a lot more. (offer valid only for people i actually know).

goodfellas is one of my all-time-favorite movies (second only to beyond the valley of the dolls). when i was little i loved sesame street. this mashup makes me really really happy.


Orhan Kahn said...

Cunts on Ice.. instant classic!

Elsmore said...

I completely agree. Cunts on Ice is the best name for a band ever, so there.