Sunday, October 22, 2006

i enjoy attending cultural activities in my community.

scored free tickets to see cold war kids at schuba's on friday; it was a lot like when i saw ok go there - jane magazine (which i got so sick of i don't even bother with anymore) and lacoste sponsored a free show at schuba's with an open bar and a weird buffet of like chicken wings, and the crowd was 85 percent girls. this one was sponsored by knob creek, so the only open bar was if you wanted bourbon or whiskey or whatever it is that knob creek is; we did not take advantage of the booze but the show was great. there was a girl with a head full of curlers in attendance; i fucking hate hipsters, if that's what she considers herself. like, that is a pointless declaration of "i am DIFFERENT (just like all of my friends)."

speaking of weirdos in the audience who throw you off, just got back from seeing fat pig with pos, tb and js. it was sooo good - neil labute is really dark and awesome, and the cast was perfect. basically, it's about a yuppie business guy who meets an overweight girl and totally falls for her - they laugh a lot and, when they're alone, feel totally comfortable with one another and get along really well. he is, of course, totally confused and torn about how others view her and how they must think of him, since she's a fatty. the dialogue was totally cutting - there are only four characters - tom and helen (the couple) and tom's two co-workers, the asshole friend and the hot girl in accounting who tom had briefly dated but found to be too vapid and demanding. he hides helen from them and when they find out about her they're absolutely perfect as case studies in how shallow and evil people can be when it comes to appearances. it was so well-written and real, and i really liked it. the problem, of course, was that the theater was very small and was arranged so that the audience sat on two sides so you could see everyone on the other side (and there were probably less than 50 people total there). one woman sat in the front row on the other side and was totally distracting in how bizarre she was - she took the whole play so seriously (perhaps taking it all a bit too personally, the whole people-judge-you-in-unfair-ways thing) that she was staring and gasping and silently emoting and covering her face with her hands and basically just looked totally deranged. of course, we were all trying not to laugh at how crazed she was, which just made concentrating really difficult. and then she was staring at us and i was worried that she was going to say something to us afterwards, as she sort of lurked near the stage and kept looking at us. um, please don't hurt me. i certainly wasn't laughing at the play, which clearly struck a very bizarre chord with her. regardless, i highly recommend seeing it. i really thought that the cast was excellent and i just wish that i hadn't been so distracted by how weird that woman was.

of course, i kept fucking with pos in the car when he drove me home, asking why he's hiding me from his friends and family, if he's ashamed of me. i was clearly kidding. he's meeting my mom on wednesday. we've been dating for six weeks. we're totally retarded. it's so cute. i like that he's friends with my brother. i like that we knew eachother for a year before we realized how much we liked one another. i'm gonna stop talking (typing) about it, though, because the last thing i want is to make my blog my Personal Internet Diary. i don't even like talking about my blog. pos calls it "that thing we don't talk about" - like "oh, i saw that on that thing we don't talk about" when i mention like a youtube link or something. i'm not gonna talk about him or our relationship (um, i sorta slipped and am right now), but six weeks? hahahahah.

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