Monday, October 30, 2006

i'm sure i'm alone in this, but i love weekends.

saw running with scissors. it wasn't as funny or touching as the book, but it was enjoyable. it could have been a half-hour shorter, but the set design was perfect in its mid-70s hideousness. oh, and gwyneth paltrow actually says the word "fishsticks" aloud, which is what michael k calls her on dlisted, so that made me happy.

also saw moxie motive at subterranean last night. i know that you don't know who they are (they don't even have a proper ep out) but you ought to, and YOU WILL.

went to the peanut butter wolf and madlib chrome children tour show at the metro on saturday night. i don't know what the hell happened, but before madlib even came on i had to sit downstairs at smartbar for lots of water and a coke and then pos took me across the street for a corndog and soup (good boyfriend) because it was like i had roofied myself. i blame the trumer pils i had before the show. it's served in a really big test tube. the bad food worked its magic - i was totally fine and we went to jmk's and mc's halloween party. they kept insisting that you had to wear a costume if you were gonna show up, so i went as jmk. i'm always mocking his monogrammed button-downs, so pos gave me an old shirt - see photo. i didn't bother with the facial hair or glasses, but i think i got the point across. pos was going to go as a serial killer (they look just like everyone else, see?) but js found some lady sov paper masks in the metro's women's room, some sort of random marketing effort, so he wore one of those. he looked totally believable. well, maybe like a foot and a half too tall. we have tickets to see her next weekend - should be awesome. she played the 9:30 club in dc and it sounds like it was a great show.

pos and i were in a cab around 2:30 am when we left the party and drove past wrigley field, and there were hoardes of costumed drunkards spilling out of the bars. i pointed out that halloween is the only night that many girls feel free to wear the skankiest clothes they own - naughty nurse and slutty nun and little lolita and boobtastic dorothy etc. i was once getting pizza on 18th street in dc after a halloween party (dressed as courtney love and just as snarly) when a girl walked in wearing a costume only one modesty step above a frederick's of hollywood crotchless dominatrix outfit. and it was probably 40 degrees outside, and i couldn't tell if her gangsta boyfriend was in a costume or not. anyway, we saw all sorts of stumbling half-naked drunk girls and were commenting on this when the cab driver said, in his high-pitched accent, "and then they're surprised when they get raped at the end of the night!" pos and i looked at each other and started laughing, more out of surprise at his comment than its (lack of) humor, and the cabbie started laughing and was like "sluts!!!" eeks. reminds me of why i am amazed at the amount of trust i give to the various cab drivers i have ever hired - you walk drunk into the street and get into a stranger's car and then TELL HIM WHERE YOU LIVE and when you get there you actually give him money. eww. things i don't like thinking about.

another totally random comment: pos and i were gonna go to kitsch'n for dinner sunday but it was closed, so we went to costello's for sammiches. the guy at the counter was mid-20s and totally normal, and he paused while he took our order and said "you guys smell great, by the way." then he paused and said, "it's been a long day," acknowledging that what he had just said was really odd. we were laughing but i could feel my face turning totally red. perhaps i was embarrassed for him.

echo sent this to me. npr is funny, but drug-addict cocker spaniels are actually a really serious domestic issue.

going to west virginny for work. i'll be there for less than 24 hours. work is ridiculous, innit it?

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