Thursday, October 19, 2006

NOW i know why there is a slit up the side of the rectal rocket jmk proudly showed me, as he pocketed two of them.

back from vegas. i have very little to say other than one of the medical supply company's booths in the convention hall were giving away rectal rocket suppositories and that i won $100.50 off of a ten dollar bill at a wheel of fortune slot machine at the circus circus casino, which is a total fucking dump but which i love.

links - i have tons but am pretty tired right now and probably wont post all of them because after the sangria i had tonight and the week i just had i pretty much just want bed right now.

if you live in chicago or know someone here that needs a place, please rent jc's apartment. i get to help her move saturday morning!

i love the bunny-movie-synopsis-in-30-seconds cartoons - here is fight club. bitch tits. thanks to pos for the link.

hbs sent me this article on just how environmentally sound it is to purchase/download music online, compared to buying a cd at a store or having it mailed to you because you bought it over the internet. huh. shit you never really think about.

sorta juvenile but pretty enjoyable: when album art goes to war. click here for video. thanks to tb.

a note to my single friends who are boys: beware, unless you wanna be a babydaddy.

that's all i got for now. i'm out of cigarettes and it's time to sleep.

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