Sunday, October 15, 2006

viva las vegas, etc etc.

in vegas for work. this is the first internet connection i have found. i am sitting at the back of a room while a consultant speaks to one of the groups i'm in charge of. there isn't internet in my room at the hilton (nor is there a coffee pot or hbo or even good lighting - they pretty much want you to hate your room so that you go gamble downstairs), and i have been busy running around for work (we're having a big convention - i'm here for five nights). i wrote must of the shit in this post before i left, but my free (decent wireless signal) internet at my apartment was out. i sincerely hope that this isn't the end of my illustrious career as a wireless thief.

i haven't been able to do anything fun while i've been here. i did go get dinner with jk and ab. YEAH we went to the star trek restaurant in the hotel, and YEAH it was super lame. the beer sampler was good (they were all dyed different colors - out of this world!!!) and i only ordered what i ordered because its name was so fucking retarded (flaming ribs of targon). i didn't understand any of the star trek references on the very-hard-to-understand-if-you-have-social-skills menu and it was soooo awkward when this woman dressed like a klingon or whatever walked up to our table and stared at me and then spoke with this bizarre accent and i just sort of stared back at her and i really wanted her to leave and i also really wanted to find out about her as a person who probably makes $10 an hour with no insurance and has kids and probably just makes the best of her situation. i want to know how one just decides to walk through a casino restaurant in a klingon outfit, professionally.

also: there is a star trek wedding chapel at the hotel. must try to get a tour of that.

ps - i don't even like star trek. i liked the wrath of khan movie when i was like eight years old, but that hardly classifies me as a social retard.

pos and i saw okkervil river at schuba's last sunday. i don't know anything about them other than that they are from austin and that i totally adore the song "black" and i really appreciated how good they are - indie-folk (there was a mandolin) but less annoying than bright eyes, and they rocked out. the lead singer apparently had his zipper open for most of the show and when he noticed he said "did you guys see that my fly has been undone this whole time? and did you guys see that i don't have human sex organs?" funny.

i laughed louder, though, on monday, when i saw tv on the radio at the metro. there was a smoke machine that was getting a little overused (actually, any use of a smoke machine is overuse) and the guitarist said "could the wizard in charge of the smoke please keep your magic to yourself?" LOVED that. that show was totally badass. pitchfork reviews the show here. i got pretty drunk on accident, but i do recall that my favorite song of the night was "staring at the sun," which was introduced as "stars are blind," that fucking horrible raggae-ish song that paris hilton recorded (and was overdubbed with a robot). you know what? i fucking hate that piece of white trash shit so much i don't think i will ever mention her again on this blog. sorry i even said her name once. SO USELESS. i could go off on a major tangent about how utterly disgusting her conspicuous consumerism is, and how repulsive - truly repulsive - i find her public claims that she is a BRAND and not merely just a fleshbot of america's worst qualities. i could but i wont.

my friend jl is in town for a month doing a rotation at northwestern hospital (cornell med school - yeah, she's a complete idiot), and we wanted to hang out before i left town, so she asked if i wanted to go see this blogger who has a new book read at borders. she sent me an email saying that she read the book (borrowed from a friend who gave it a glowing recommendation) and didn't like it, found it to be only mildly amusing, if only because the author is this shameless must-tell-my-most-private-details-loudly-to-anyone-who-will-listen new york yuppie who wants everyone to find her to be a faaaabulous divorcee with martini and clothes addictions and will let everyone, including her dad, know about whose dick she most recently sucked . . . which i find to be soooo 2000, very sex in the city, totally played out. she's preggers with twins (she and the babydaddy got married like a month ago) and totally self-obsessed and her writing is weak at best. sorry, but i don't know why people get book deals (and, ahem, are working with nbc to create a show based on her life) to publish memoirs when all they have to say about themselves is that they have low self-esteem and once hooked up with a guy who wore a mesh thong. here is her list of things about her - a very good example of how grating she is. also, i assumed that she was fairly middle-aged, but then saw in some article that she is in fact a mere 29 (same as me). bitch looks busted.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the afternoon entertainment. Things back at the fort are very boring, but I'm still glad I'm not in Vegas. -5 friend points for you for mentioning the hoe-bag (PH) on this wonderful blog. That brings you down to a -25 (-20 for the El Negrito incident)

J love