Sunday, November 05, 2006

full disclosure: i did not return the rad black and white 80s rubber bracelets from the lewisburg wal-mart jewelry dept.

i haven't posted the first ipod shuffle of the day song in . . . oh, forever. and this isn't today's first shuffle song but my current favorite - harvey danger's "little round mirrors." it's off of their album that they posted for free on their website last year and is still up. i never thought i would say this, as harvey danger is a band that i only have vague recollections of as being a mid-90s one-hit-wonder, but i highly recommend it - go get it here.

my favorite lyrics from the song: "a shooting star is/a little piece of/cosmic debris desperately wanting to fall to earth/it doesn't get too far/it's not a real star/it's hardly even worth footnotes in your memoir."

anyway, i get mildly obsessed with one song at a time and overplay it until i am sick of it and move on to the next one. i'll let you know what its replacement is when i figure that out.

i'm watching kingpin right now. bill murray rules.

saw lady sov last night with pos, jmk and jmk's totally trashed friend who was visiting from columbus, w. w was super friendly and nice. when i say "super friendly" i mean that he was telling pos within ten minutes of meeting him that he was a fine-looking man and that if he were gay he'd want him, and when i say "nice" i mean that he took quite a shine to me and told pos what a lucky lucky man he is. he didn't just say these things once or twice; like most shitfaced individuals, he made sure that his point was made repeatedly. he was actually really funny and bought us beer, so no harm. lady sov didn't start until 12:45 am or so, and the show was good, but the mic was turned down too low and a lot of the songs sounded too similar to one another. it was fun, though. she's rad.

you know what would suck? amnesia. they don't doubt this guy, like some people doubt the guy that the film unknown white male was about.

you know what else would suck? dying, and then people saying shitty things about you on your online memorial page.

reading this article about how wal-mart made the mistake of carrying clothes that are too trendy made me laugh. because when i was in west virginia this last week, and my bag didn't make it to lewisburg (i blame the layover in pittsburgh), and all i had were my jeans and skull shoes (which were just sorta okay for going to my business dinner the night before but were in no way appropriate for my day of meetings), i had to go to the 24-hour wal-mart to find a suitable outfit. i don't shop at wal-mart, and it's not only because their clothes are hideous (it's also the anti-union, anti-community, anti-living-wage thing). i was not happy about having to go to a ruralass wal-mart and spend an hour and a half buying things that i needed for the night (toothbrush, hair stuff, contacts case) and clothes for work when all of my own personal, perfect items were somewhere in transit to roanoke (to then be driven an hour and a half to lewisburg to be delivered to my hotel before 8 am, which i seriously doubted was going to happen). so i went to wal-mart, and i tried on, oh, i don't know, like seven different pants and skirts with about a dozen shirts that looked vaguely professional, and they were all so poorly-made and the fabric was so gross i was mortified with the prospect of having to be in public wearing them, much less on a site visit where i would meet lots of new people and represent my company. i settled on a pair of (too short - i'm a tall girl) black pants and a lame button-down, and i grabbed some black trouser socks to alleviate the issue of my floodwaters, and i spent a solid half-hour looking at their terrible shoes, cursing my size 11 feet, before biting the bullet and selecting a horrible pair of black flats that cost, i shit you not, $7. i was t.h.r.i.l.l.e.d. when my suitcase actually made it at 6 am and i went back to the wal-mart to return everything. the customer service woman looked at my receipt, saw that i was returning bags and bags of things that i had purchased ten hours before and asked if there was a problem. i was like "not anymore!"

saw babel on friday. it was the perfect movie to end last week (i was super crabby all week), because it was long and depressing, and we had to sit in the fourth row, which i hate. the movie was good, very well-made and had fabulous acting, don't get me wrong, but it was the wrong pick. pos and i wanted to see borat but the theater was playing it on at least five screens and every show was sold out. i hadn't seen lines like that since lord of the rings or star wars. i was surprised; i mean, i know that i really want to see it, and all of my friends are excited for it, but i didn't expect it to be a blockbuster runaway hit. it's probably because borat is so crazy sexy plus nice, yes?

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