Tuesday, November 21, 2006

i find the smoking gun's mugshots collection to be inspiring.

i don't have any tattoos. for years i was sort of planning on getting a question mark tattooed onto the knuckle of my big toe on the right foot, but this never happened, and i am in no serious rush to get it; in fact, i probably never will, and that's just fine. my mom has always had a big problem with tattoos - she hates them, and once said to me, for real, "if you ever get either an abortion or a tattoo, i never want to hear about it." that's how much she hates them, and yes, she really did equate the two (guess what, she really hates abortions, too).

pos has two tattoos, one on each calf, and i told him that he is going to have to keep those hidden from my mom so that she will continue to love him as much as she does. pos came home with me this weekend. i think my dad said more to him in the 20 hours that we were at their house than he has said to me all year - it was quite remarkable to listen to him talk and talk. so pos passed the parent test. i knew he would. he's just going to have to never do this or this to his face.

i've posted this before but it never gets old: photo collection of really bad tattoos. holy shit! they have added a fourth page and someone has a fucking chris burke, aka "corky" from life goes on, portrait tattooed onto their body! insert requisite "how retarded" comment here.

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SarahReznor said...

is that a naked indian on a corn dog??? what the f does that represent??? i have 5, none of them on my face though. congrats to pos on passing the parent test!!! it's always surprising how important that really is..