Wednesday, November 08, 2006

more election results . . .

this is from my friend daniel sumrall, who ran for congress as a green . . . and scored about 3084 more votes than i know i would have. here is his website. i love the photo he uses, as he is pointing his rooker at someone, lecturing them, as he did on a regular basis to me at 3 am in a basement dorm room in 1997.

Hey Everybody

With all the 3rd district polling places reporting I have a final vote count. This year I succeeded in securing the party line and there will be a Green Party line on the ballot come 2008 for the US House of Representatives. This was the goal of the campaign.

Total we received 3089 votes for 1.5%. Here in New Haven we earned the most votes out of all Green candidates (including the Green candidate for Governor and US Senate) with 689 (3%). Check out the details here.

Anywits. This was cool and having over 3000 people vote for you is fucking amazing. Everyone of you should run for something, because we're all smart, honest, and good looking. Well, you were all really cool and supportative--thank you.

Big thanks to everyone who contributed--send me your mailing addresses and I'll send you some campaign souvenirs

And Big thanks to Megan for designing the Sumrall for Congress logo

You all rock
Take care, be well & be safe

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