Friday, November 17, 2006

so. gd. bored.

it's friday and i am bored. please note that the time stamp of when i post can easily be changed, so i could HYPO-THETICALLY be blogging at work and then saying that i posted at 8:30 pm. it would, technically, be possible. so please don't read "it's friday and i'm bored" and look down and see that i posted this at 8:30 pm and feel bad for me because i clearly don't have anything to do on a friday night; feel bad for me because i have to sit in a cubicle with 15 minutes' worth of work to stretch out into eight and a half hours. hypothetically speaking.

two little punk rock snippets for ya:

the wapo reports on the dc "capitol of punk" text tour, which i am totally going to do next time i'm there. you can also watch the video here.

iggy pop's tour rider is hysterical. it's totally stream-of-conciousness and funny.


more later. perhaps. must figure out what i can do for the next three hours.


Miss Misc said...

Join the I am bored out of my damn mind club my friend. We could always make ourselves useful and practice being fire drill stairwell monitors for the old assholes here who won't retire and want us to risk our young lives so they can escape the building.

J love

Orhan Kahn said...

It is strange how blogger allows you to alter the time and date of a post. Quite strange indeed.