Monday, November 13, 2006

tasted better than lucky charms, smelled better than irish spring.

jc and tc have a blog now. it's called "les misc" and is about miscellaneousness, which is usually what their lives are all about anyway. they post from guest bloggers, and i have already taken them up on the offer (cloaked in a double-mysterious web of disguise and intrigue), and you should, too. check it every day:

also, i updated the dlisted link on the right because rm is too goddamned lazy to bookmark it and asked me to fix it.

ecf sent this on, noting that "sometimes hippies get it right." as the website states, "This is the First Annual Winter Solstice Synchronized Global Orgasm for Peace, leading up to Winter Solstice of 2012, when the Mayan Calendar ends with a new beginning." this would be the perfect night to host a cuddle party.

hey, fellow dorks: this star wars commercial from cinemax featuring coldplay's "fix you" is awesome. thanks to tb for the link. for the record, he has been geeking out on star wars for the entire almost-30 years that i have known him, and he shows no signs of ever letting up.

my friend ee is going to be a contestant on jeopardy! so awesome - she's flying out to LA the week after thanksgiving to tape, and i hope that she's out there for a long time and makes a shitload of cash and that she acts just like sean connery when he is a celebrity guest. the penis mightier.

am sent me this list of "the ten most disappointing rock n roll offspring," and i concur. i like the other top-ten lists that are linked at the bottom of the page, too.

pos and i wandered into some random corner shop near my apartment a few weeks ago so i could pick up some cigs. it is just like every other corner store - newsstand, cooler with drinks, dusty shelves full of food you wouldn't buy. but then we noticed that the candy shelf next to the register is full of stuff that you usually only find in the UK or at world market - coffee crisp, double decker, aero bars, yorkie (which the wrapper says is "not for girls!" - hahah, odd marketing ploy), and my favorite, violet crumble. also, the cooler is full of imported energy drinks and soda, and the shelves have lots of british digestives and biscuits. we looked in the freezer and they had bangers, irish brown bread and irish bacon. let me add that the owner of this store, a very nice man who sits at the register and is pleasant enough, is decidedly not from ireland - or anywhere near ireland. anyway, this was all very exciting for me, and we decided that instead of going to brunch as we do every sunday, we would actually cook. let me tell you, this was the best meal i have had in forever. i am a huge fan of breakfast, and i only like to eat meat when it's served up with eggs and toast. pos cooked the bangers and bacon and i made the eggs and tea. we didn't bother with the tomatoes and we didn't see any black and white pudding (which i looooove) at the store, so it technically wasn't as perfectly traditional as it could have been, but i hadn't had a breakfast that good since i was actually in ireland. check out how rad my little tea set is, which i actually got at meadows & byrne in galway, and get totally jealous over how muthafuckin delicious that all looks.

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