Wednesday, December 13, 2006

finally getting around to posting what is not necessarily important news, but entertaining regardless.

the problem with rarely posting is that all of the stuff i've saved in a draft email to later write about is inevitably posted first on blogs that i (and, i am assuming, you) read, so by the time i get around to saying anything about them, they're old news. so forgive the regurgitated posts and articles - i don't do this full-time, for chrissakes.

british scientists, who apparently raided my college cd collection for this study, came up with the world's saddest song (scientifically speaking - they measured heart rates of test subjects), which is "the drugs don't work" by the verve, and the most exhilarating, "song 2" (which you probably know as "WHOO HOO") by blur. as a fan of both bands, this is funny to me. is "the drugs don't work" a downer? yes indeed, but i never felt as if my heart literally slowed down as i contemplated how the drugs have stopped working and my life is a black hole of depressing uphill battles. is "song 2" totally amped? errr . . . well . . . i mean, i like it. i'll put it on a party playlist for my ipod, not expecting people to start bouncing off of the walls but perhaps to simply remember "hey, yeah, it's that song. anyway, as i was saying . . ." that being said, i would like to formally declare that urban hymns is perhaps one of the best albums of all time, richard ashcroft is one of the greatest frontmen of all time, and "bittersweet symphony" is hands-down my favorite song of all time. you can watch videos for both "the drugs" and "song 2" here - and the onion a.v. club's commentary that "If you listen to them back to back, you can find out what manic depression feels like (in the UK)" is hilarious.

i saw a "remixed" trailer that re-imagined the shining as a wholesome little-boy-looking-for-a-dad movie, and it was pretty good. i like this one - mary poppins as a horror flick.

oooh, i gots a crush! hillary needs to step off. watch this.

i love scribbling out to-do lists - they make me feel as if merely writing down what i want or need to accomplish is half as good as actually doing it. these are funny.

i totally adore wikipedia. when my friends and i first discovered it - and also discovered that a slutbag whom they had gone to high school with had fucked some low-level bush administration men for cash and somehow turned her skanktitude into a writing career (while also selling the rights to her story to sarah jessica parker, who knows a thing or two about milking flexible morals and questionable sexual politics into pop-culture trash) has a wikipedia page - we were like "we ought to create our own pages! it's like the ultimate friendster or myspace page, but for, like, for real adults!" fortunately, we realized how entirely nerdy that would be, even for us, so this never happened - but it seems as if it would have been deleted anyway, as the wiki is to be taken seriously. i would link to said slutbag's page, but i don't want to give her any more credit than she has already received. it is awesome that one of her claims to fame is that she was photographed for playboy (including such tasteful photos of her exposing her breast in front of the capitol building and her taking a shower), but it didn't even make it to the print edition, just the website.

speaking of wikipedia, i found these linked off of the 2006 deaths page, which is key for checking on dead pool stats. when diets work a little too well: here (apples and tomatoes) and here (diet coke and lettuce). take note, nicole richie. you are worth 75 points in the 2007 dead pool.

and, finally: i wish i lived in north carolina.

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