Tuesday, December 05, 2006

i don't really have a title right now.

been busy.

not to beat a dead horse or anything, but this is amusing, sent to me by tb.

special guest photographer: pos took that photo of the black keys with his cell phone when we saw them a week and a half ago. my celly is all ghetto and doesn't take pictures.

i don't really think that i talk too much. i think i type more than i speak. that's what happens when 70 percent of your friends live in other states, and you spend your days IMing and emailing (in between working, when you can get to it). jmk sent me this, pointing out the quote that “Women…actually get a buzz out of hearing their own voices…similar to that felt by heroin addicts when they get a high.” whatever, fancy scientists with your fancy science.

jmk also sent me this with the subject line "if this is real it is great." someone had a rough night. love the recap at the end and the instant replays. when in doubt, just smoke some cigs while sitting on a keg and wait for the cops to come arrest you.

am came to chicago for a wedding and we were able to meet up for brunch at ann sather's (mmmm - cinnamon rolls) and catch up. made me miss her and all the new york kidz. she sent me this website, get mortified, where you are supposed to submit hideously embarrassing photos, notes, journal entries and the like from your torturously lame childhood. funny. however, none of these are nearly as mortifying as the horrible memories i have from the ages of 8 til . . . well, last week.

ab sent me this - the website of the REAL borat. i wonder if js finds this guy as hott as sacha baron cohen. probably not.

cd, who i miss a lot, sent me this link, which offers ideas on what to do with a pile of old ticket stubs, because it reminded him of me. i made like five awesome framed collages (very fourth-grade but very artistic, if i do say so myself) of old tickets to see bands, museums, writers, and the like a few years ago (no movie stubs, though - that's just too anal). i have a shoebox full of more of them that i must get around to doing something with. cd also got all nostalgic over email this week and sent me, jh and sj the link to the blog that we all posted on a few years ago, called "the pink and the black," which, if memory serves correctly, was actually a "private blog" and was a way for us to leave little messages for one another. i posted this on tuesday, august 5, 2003:

"i heart the flaming lips.
i do not heart how fucking insanely tired i am.
worst weekend ever. worst monday ever. worst SUMMER ever.
when will jesus stop punishing me?"

i have no remembrance whatsoever about what was so horrible about the first weekend of august 2003, so i can guarantee that i have suffered far worse since then. jesus never did stop his punishments.

gotta go. more later. most likely.

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rmm said...

Was August '03 when you moved into the Biltmore? Or on CT Ave? How sad. No wonder you were self medicating with booze. We all were.