Saturday, December 30, 2006

i heart global warming: 50 degree christmas, no snow

dead pool update: while i did not have the godfather of soul on my list, i did have gerald ford (7) and saddam hussein (31), so added to my 9 for pinochet, i have a total of 47 for the year. not in last place, but i sure as fuck didn't win. the pot was for $300, as there were five players, but i have lured more friends into participating, so next year's dead pool will hopefully be much more lucrative, and i plan on winning. 2007's strategy: go for the old.

my holidays have been super nice. i haven't been to work since friday the 22nd and i don't have to go back until wednesday, jan 3. i've been spending a lot of time with pos and his family, i went home for christmas eve and day, my sister and mom came to chicago to hang out, i got to see college friends cl and ea, who i hadn't seen for about five years, as well as hj, one of my bestest friends and who lives in new orleans these days. plus i have had marley on and off, as tb and js just moved into their new condo and are in florida for new years, and i am having a party tomorrow night where em and hk are coming in from philly, kk is coming in from dc, and eb, sf, pos, te and lk and all coming over.

i have been eating a lot of good food and loving not having to go to work. when i do go back to work, i will start a new position, as i got a promotion, and rumor has it that i will be moving into an office on the 8th floor that has a DOOR and a WINDOW that overlooks michigan avenue. this is quite the step up from the ghetto cubicle that i currently sulk in all day. the verns is no longer my boss. so in 2006 i got an apartment i love, the best bf evah, and a new job as well. 2006 was awesome.

oh, and i love presents. pos got me rad boots and some perfume and silver hoop earrings. his family is sooo nice to me - his sister, who lives with her family in ireland and who is in town for a few weeks, brought me a really pretty piece of irish pottery, and his parents got me a bath and body works vanilla sugar gift basket, and his brother and his family gave him a gift card to a retaurant for the expressed purpose that he take me there.

i got scary psycho clown coasters from tb, i got itunes giftcards from hj, the new annie leibovitz book from sf and eb, the onion daily calendar from tc, jc took me to lunch, js gave me a rad hello kitty tea set, db got me some kitchen utensils and an anne taintor luggage tag that says "i love not camping" (my hatred for camping is well-known).

my parents were very generous with me this year and got me lots of really nice wedding christmas presents: cookbooks, a martha stewart how-to-clean book, a kitchenaid knife set, and a kitchenaid 10-piece pot and pan set. these are things that i do need, and i had asked for one good knife so i can learn how to properly chop shit up, and i asked for a five-quart pot so i can make chili, but my mom went a little overboard. the pots and pans came in a large, heavy box, which was giftwrapped in straight-up wedding paper with ribbons and bows. she said that she bought the set at a department store and wanted to get it wrapped, but they told her that they only wrap wedding gifts, so she said "it IS a wedding gift." i think that, even if she wont admit it, and even if it is buried deep into her subconcious, she certainly was buying me wedding presents. what's rad is that i have had a boyfriend for FOUR MONTHS. she's getting antsy about her children, ages 32, 29 and 26, all perfectly happy with the people we're dating but not engaged, not pregnant, and not even talking about it (except for tb and js, who casually mentioned that they don't want to get married in a church when the time comes, which caused a shitstorm on christmas eve and culminated in my mother crying at 8:00 mass, which tb and js chose not to attend). she needs more hobbies and needs to learn to back off. but i do love the presents - i guess that 2007 is the year that i learn to cook.


SarahReznor said...

AWESOME presents!!! although i gotta say my boots are rad-er ;) and he's definetly a keeper :) sorry about the shit storm - happy new year !!!

Miss Misc said...

I'm going to apply for the position of you admin.