Thursday, December 07, 2006

oh special day

special birthday shout-out to pos. he's 36 today. i love telling him things like "the challenger exploded when i was in the third grade" and seeing him get a little creeped out, thinking about how he was in high school when i was learning how to subtract. i'm taking him out for a nice dinner tonight and we're taking tomorrow off so we can hang out. i also got him a cool birfday present but i'm not gonna say what it is because i know that he reads this.


Echo said...

Happy bifday POS! :D

tc said...

Happy birfday to you
Happy birfday to you
Happy birfday to POS...not to be confused with piece of shit or point of saaaaaaaaaale...

Happy birfday to you.

Yay, it's your birfday, Yay! Have fun!

Miss Misc said...

I love you POS! Even though you're old and grey, in my heart you will stayyyyyyyyyyy.

Only met you twice, but thing you're really nicccccccccce