Thursday, December 21, 2006

return of the muppet.

i am dog-sitting marley again - tb and js have a wedding to attend in milwaukee this weekend.

having a little doggy around is funny - you just mutter gibberish at it, sort of as a way to make it feel secure and wanted, and partly to make it stop squeaking and yipping, wondering where the hell his owners are.

names that i call the dog: marley, mars, mars bar, marles, marles barkley, marles in charge, puppy, pups, pupalups, muppet, puppet, muppetpuppet, muppypups, monster, and ewok. i got "marles in charge" from tb and js, which i think is high comedy. they also call him "professor whiskers," so i say that sometimes, too.

mars basically stretched himself across my body to sleep last night, and ended up bouncing around between me, pos, our feet, and our faces. i don't think he slept at all. hopefully that's what he's doing right now, rather than eating a pen.

also: i found a pair of my undies in his dog bed this morning, which he clearly found on my bedroom floor or in my laundry basket. pantysniffer! marley is a perv!

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