Thursday, December 21, 2006

shred down

an email that jms sent this morning:

"If you missed The Colbert Report last night, I would highly recommend checking it out on The entire show was devoted to guitar solo 'shred-off' challenge made by the Decemberists to Steven Colbert. The assortment of guests were even more random than you would find on your average VH1 Celebreality show. The show was introduced by Morley Safer in the style of 60 minutes. The 3 minute introductory song was by the guy from Apples in Stereo. The judges were a rock critic, producer, and ELIOT SPITZER. The guy who told them to start rockin' via satelite was Henry Kissinger. When Colbert 'hurt his hand' and couldn't perform, Peter Frampton took his place against the Decemberists' lead guitarist.

Yeah, all that in a half an hour. I had to watch it again today to make sure I wasn't high last night."

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Orhan Kahn said...

Colbert & Stewart are superb