Friday, December 15, 2006

since i get to leave early, i will leave you with some entertainment.

little britain is probably the best thing i discovered in 2006 - love it. i got jmk to netflix it and he loves it, too - he sent me this. yeah, i know.

here is some randomness, featuring a unicorn and a sasquatch. it's shit like this that makes the work day so much easier to get through.

michael k from dlisted (another fine distraction that makes work tolerable) was a guest sex advice columnist on nerve - so cute! i also love that he told his readers to ignore the photo, because he looks fat. hahahah. i think that some of the advice from other guest bloggers sucked. why doesn't anyone ever ask me to be a guest advice blogger? i mean, TENS of people read me every single day. thanks to tc for forwarding.

speaking of nerve, here's some good readin: their list of the top 40 best celebrity rumors.

tb sent me that still from the republitards' official 2007 calendar. he titled this one THE DECIDER. hahaha. i sincerely hope that history is not kind to that man. he is beyond a shitty leader and a bad man and a complete idiot to boot.

my 2007 dead pool list is coming together in fine form. i'm also really excited for all of the friends that want to get in on the action - all it takes is 50 names, $5 a month and a firm understanding that while you may not wish harm on anyone, you wouldn't mind collecting the points when they die. because they would have died whether you had placed money on them or not. anyway, i have 64 names and need to whittle that down to 50.

i keep posting stuff way after it is relevant or new - but here is borat's clebrity playlist. funny.

i really like this video. they're an adorable couple. good song, too. here is pitchfork's top 25 videos of 2006, in case that one wasn't good enough for you.

and i'm out. we're having our office holiday party this afternoon - we get to go to the top floor of the w hotel, which has awesome panoramic views of downtown chicago and lake michigan, and we get an open bar, lunch, a dj, and a raffle. the lunch and raffle are appreciated; the open bar and dj would be a lot less awkward if our party wasn't from noon until 3 pm in a room flooded with sunshine. one thing that's funny: they always wait until 3 before handing out our gifts (usually a $100 gift certificate to use online), because some people really are tacky enough to grab lunch, take their gift and scram.

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